Rafe comforts Sami at the pub. They’ll help the kids cope if EJ doesn’t make it. They head to the hospital.

Nathan is at the pub thinking about arguing with Chloe when she walks in with Philip and Melanie. Philip and Chloe get a table while Melanie and Nathan discuss his arm. Nathan thanks Melanie for getting him through his solo surgery. Nearby, Chloe tells Philip how tired she is but is happy everything is as it should be. Stephanie walks in and looks from one couple to the other, nervously, and then goes outside to make a call to Ian, telling him she needs to work her angle while he does some sleuthing.

Back inside, Melanie offers to throw Chloe a theme baby shower with stars and glitter. Philip’s eyes glaze over as the women talk and he goes to Nathan to discuss the new children’s wing and how happy Chloe is. Stephanie rushes in and exclaims, "Oh my God, you told him?" The men are confused so Stephanie covers. Nathan leaves for work and Philip heads back to the table to discuss the shower. Stephanie listens in. Melanie and Chloe leave to shop for the party while Stephanie goes to Philip and asks where he disappeared to during Chloe’s birthday party. Philip explodes at her and she taunts him. He admits he went to the office to work on the Green Shipping project they used to work on together and leaves. Stephanie calls Ian to tell him that if Philip changed the test results, he did it from Titan.

Bo arrives at the hospital and Lexi says the bullet from EJ’s head has been sent to forensics. Bo tells Kate and Stefano that Sami’s worried the kids will lose their father. Kate’s surprised Sami isn’t more upset considering she almost married the man. Carly interrupts with news that EJ has bleeding on the brain. Conversation comes to a standstill when Sami and Rafe arrive and Stefano accuses Sami of shooting EJ or hiring somebody to kill him. Bo offers that there’s a long list of subjects and Sami assumes EJ will tell them who attempted to take his life unless he has brain damage. Stefano shudders at the thought. After he watches Kate quietly tell Sami they need to talk, Rafe questions Sami. She says Kate’s merely worried about the kids. Rafe can see Sami’s shaken and acting strangely.

Inside EJ’s room, Daniel tells Carly and Bo that Nicole’s got an alibi. Bo remembers questioning Sami about the shooting and later he watches as Stefano reams Sami for jumping from one man to another so quickly. EJ goes into shock so Carly tells the family she's transfusing him now. A weepy Lexi explains that EJ may not make it.

In the lounge, Daniel asks Nathan to take over his patients while he looks after EJ.

Back at the nurse’s station, Carly finishes her shift and Stefano throws a fit when Lexi lets everyone know EJ signed a living will. Sami’s legally empowered to make all health decisions if EJ can’t. Sami tells Rafe how much she hates EJ but says, "You’ve got to feel sorry for him, right?" Stefano butts in and accuses Sami of wanting EJ dead, and promises whoever did this will die in pain and alone.

Bo finds Kate outside the pub and questions her again on the shooting. She has nothing new to report. He wonders if she’s hiding something.

Maggie is on her computer in the kitchen looking at flight information when Victor calls to ask her to discuss foundation business. As they talk, Vivian listens in angrily.

Melanie and Chloe arrive at the pub with shopping bags when Carly arrives. Chloe is apologetic about how they all got off on the wrong foot but Carly assures them everything is going to be perfect from now on. Vivian waltzes in and invites herself to the shower. Melanie informs her she isn’t coming because nobody likes her. Vivian reminds Mel and Chloe they’re related, causing Melanie to jump up and leave. Outside, Melanie bumps into Philip and fills him in on Vivian’s confrontation. Back inside, Chloe confronts Vivian about trying to make Chloe believe Carly and Daniel were having an affair. She doesn’t admit anything, nor does she deny it but wonders why the ladies are suddenly so cozy.

At the pier, Stephanie calls Titan to get some information, including Titan’s internet service provider’s name and runs off to meet Ian at her apartment.

Stephanie goes home and Ian starts to hack the hospital’s mainframe.

At home, Maggie tells Melanie she finished planning her trip. They discuss the scene with Vivian and Maggie blames herself.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Philip tells Vivian, "Don't give me that blank look. What the hell are you up to?"

Stefano tells EJ he'll find out who did this.

Sami asks Daniel, "How do you know when It's okay? When it's the right thing to do?"

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