At Chloe and Daniel's apartment, Nicole is happy to hear that EJ was shot. She tells Chloe that she wants to go to the hospital to see EJ die. Nicole takes off and Chloe follows.

At the hospital, Daniel rushes EJ to the operating room and Stefano pleads that he save EJ's life. In the operating room, a nurse shaves EJ's hair off, as Carly and Daniel begin to work on removing the bullet from EJ's head. EJ flat-lines and once Daniel stabilizes him, they remove the bullet. Kate consoles Stefano in the hall as Bo arrives and asks them what they were doing when EJ was shot. Kate says they were on Stefano's yacht. She recalls her previous phone call to warn Sami, and says she thinks she knows who's responsible. Kate informs Bo of Victor and Stefano's business tiff earlier. Bo says he will bring whoever shot EJ to justice. Once Bo leaves, Stefano grabs a nurse and asks for news about EJ, but she tells him to ask Daniel. Nicole and Chloe arrive and Stefano accuses Nicole of shooting EJ, saying that he'll make her pay. Nicole declares she has proof that she didn't shoot EJ. She states that EJ tried to kill her and uses her bodyguard, Chloe, and Daniel as her alibi. Stefano swears whoever shot EJ has a death sentence. Later, Lexi arrives as Daniel approaches and tells them EJ is alive. Stefano goes with Daniel and Lexi to discuss EJ's state. Kate recalls her warning to Sami, and asks herself what she's done. In another room, Daniel explains to Stefano that they removed the bullet successfully, but don't know the extent of the damage yet. In EJ's room, a nurse wonders who shot EJ Carly says EJ will tell them if he survives.

In Rafe's room, he holds an engagement ring for Sami as she asks if he really wants a messy life with her. Rafe says he does because she makes him feel alive. Sami cries that falling in love with him is the smartest thing she's done. Sami eagerly accepts his proposal. Rafe promises they'll be happy.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor tells Brady about his argument with Stefano. He says he's sending Vivian to Tahiti for her protection. Brady offers to help with the DiMera feud, saying he hates EJ more than he loves his principles. Brady asks what Maggie will think when Victor battles Stefano. Vivian eavesdrops as Brady tells Victor that Maggie knows about Victor's plan to send Vivian away to get a clear shot with her, and warns him not to hurt Maggie. Later, as Vivian continues to eavesdrop, Victor calls Maggie and says it's a good idea for her to leave, with the problems going on between him and the DiMeras. He doesn't want her to get hurt and will miss her. After he hangs up, Vivian enters and tells him she won't leave his side and wants to ensure that Isabella's transfer goes smoothly.

Sami and Rafe arrive at the Brady Pub and tell Caroline their good news. Johnny rushes in to greet them. Sami tells Johnny that Rafe's bad and he says, "My daddy won't like it." Sami says they won't have to worry about his dad anymore. She tells him that she and Rafe will be married and Johnny hugs both of them happily. Bo arrives and asks to speak to Sami and Rafe. Caroline takes Johnny away as Bo breaks the news that EJ's been shot. Sami assumes he's dead and Bo tells her he's not. She drops a glass of water in shock. Rafe goes to clean it up, as Sami acts relieved that EJ is alive. Bo asks Sami where she was last night as she recalls shooting EJ. Sami angrily asks Bo if he thinks she did it. Rafe interrupts, saying that Sami was with him the entire night. Bo leaves and Rafe tells Sami he knows what really went on last night. He recalls Sami had nightmares. He's sure a part of her wishes EJ would die. Rafe assures her that he'll help her work through this, no matter what.

At the pier, Chloe looks up and says, "Thank you," as Nathan arrives. He congratulates her on the baby, and assumes that the paternity mix-up is cleared up now. Upset, Chloe tells Nathan that he's not a nice person. Nathan apologizes and Chloe tells him that she had a paternity test that confirmed that Daniel's the father. Nathan tells her she and the guy she slept with her lucky not to get caught. He walks off and Chloe mutters that he's an idiot.

In Maggie's kitchen, Philip tells Melanie that they should have a celebration for Chloe and Daniel's baby. Surprised, Melanie thought Philip didn't approve of them having a child. Philip explains that he was just worried because he thought Chloe couldn't conceive. Philip says he's as excited now and Melanie wants to throw Chloe a baby shower.

Ian arrives at Stephanie's apartment and she demands that he help her figure out who switched the results. Ian suggests she just ask Philip if he did, but Stephanie doesn't want to tip Philip about the paternity switch. Stephanie convinces Ian that he'll be doing a 'benevolent' thing if he helps her. Stephanie goes to meet Nathan and Ian begins working.

Bo returns to the hospital and tells Stefano, Lexi, and Kate, that he just saw Sami and Rafe. Sami is worried that her kids will lose their father. Kate asks, "That's all?" She can't believe that's all Sami said about someone she was going to marry. Carly interrupts, saying she has news.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Kate tells Bo, "I'm not hiding anything."

Stephanie rushes to Philip and Nathan, asking, "Oh my God, you told him?"

With Sami watching, Stefano asks Carly, "Is my son going to be alright?"

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