EJ lies dying on a bed in the DiMera mansion.

Rafe and Sami make out in his bed and profess their love for each other. They have sex and fall asleep. Later, Sami dreams Rafe caught her shooting EJ. She wakes up with a start but refuses to tell Rafe about her nightmare. Rafe wonders what they should tell the kids about EJ. Sami seems to think EJ’s out of her life so it doesn’t matter what they say. Rafe is confused when Sami isn’t sure he can promise her a future so Rafe pulls out a ring. Sami cries and sings his praises but he doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into! They discuss it at length but Rafe’s not afraid. Sami has her answer. “Hell yes!” They kiss and she cries.

Chloe brings Nicole a mug of coffee and after she relays how happy Brady is about the pregnancy, Nicole gushes about how wonderful he is. It’s no wonder he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Nicole realizes Chloe and her mom are the only two people in the world who believe in her. She urges her friend not to take her good fortune for granted.

Brady finds Vivian in the mausoleum with the sarcophagus. She explains she got it for Isabella to try to prove herself worthy to Victor and him. Brady doesn’t want to move Isabella but since Victor’s fine with it, so is he. He leaves and Gus shows up. She tells him what happened and Gus hopes that Brady doesn’t find out that Isabella’s now in a pet cemetery.

Maggie comes upon Kate, Stefano and Victor at the pier threatening each other. Victor covers and calls it posturing. Kate and Stefano take off when the yacht arrives and Maggie asks Victor to explain how he turned into another person after the phone call. Talk turns to her going away alone. He doesn’t like it. Maggie wonders what she is to him and says if he wants out of his marriage he should do it but leave her out of it!

Brady arrives at the mansion and takes a drink while he gazes at an old photo of Isabella and Victor, then the sarcophagus.

Carly, Bo and Ciara go fishing at the lake but Ciara only wants her mommy and wonders if Bo sent Hope away in order to be with Carly. Bo says she went away because she’s sick. Carly explains that mommy took medicine that made her do bad stuff but she would never have done it if she didn’t take the medicine. Carly explains she would never want her mommy to go away and she understands because she too did something bad a long time ago. Ciara understands and they seem to have bonded. Ciara plays and Carly tells him she’ll do what the right thing is to do – for him, if that means leaving town.

Chloe wakes up and makes out with Daniel on the sofa while Nicole tells them she’s leaving town. She wants them to buy her a plane ticket. Daniel says she can’t leave town. It’d be dangerous.

Stefano and Kate search the mansion for EJ. Kate worries he’ll disappear for good if they don’t find him. Kate called Caroline who says Will went to register at school and the kids are with her. Stefano gets an idea and spots an empty bottle of booze on the stairs. They head up.

EJ lies in bed, lifeless looking. Stefano walks in and sees the blood and dabs at it. He starts to cry and lifts EJ up to himself. Kate walks in and Stefano is in tears thinking EJ’s dead. Kate calls 911frantically.

Maggie lets a scruffy Brady in and she starts in on his drinking. He happily tells her Chloe’s pregnant with Daniel’s baby and Maggie apologizes, thinking this is a downer for him. He assures her it’s not. Maggie harps on his drinking and living with Victor. She tells him he should move out so he’s away from Victor and can get away from his drinking easier.

Gus arrives at the mansion to provide Vivi with the notes created in the likeness of Maggie’s handwriting. Gus is unnerved about this whole thing but Vivian shoos him out and gazes at the letters happily and hides them from Victor. He tells her he’s sending her to Tahiti because it could get dangerous there since his arrangement with Stefano has gone south. Vivian’s overcome thinking he actually cares but he barks orders for her to hurry it up and pack.

Back at Daniel’s place, he gets a call from the hospital. He has to do an emergency surgery on EJ who got shot. Chloe and Nicole’s jaws drop.

Stefano, Kate and EJ arrive at the hospital. Daniel has EJ examined. Stefano begs Daniel to save his son.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Stefano tells Kate, "Whoever shot Elvis is going to pay. Who did it?"

Carly yells that they’re losing EJ, as his machine beeps wildly.

Bo asks Sami where she was last night.

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