Repeat from yesterday where Sami is crowing at EJ while he’s passed out. She sees the gun and recalls everything he did to her and Kate’s warning that he’d disappear with the kids and she shoots him with his own gun. EJ starts seizing and Sami stands over him in surprise. He starts to twitch and she stares in shock. She runs off with the gun.

Nicole laps up the last bit of booze in Daniel’s apartment, and yells she hates clean people. Daniel tells her to keep it down. She rants about EJ wanting her dead and Daniel tells her to keep it down or she’ll be out on her keester. Nicole won’t feel safe until she takes care of EJ permanently. George comes in and she rants about how if it wasn’t for Daniel she’d be dead. George says if EJ wanted her dead she would be. Later, she flashes to reading to Sydney and starts to weep, explaining to Daniel how she read to Syd. Daniel comforts her while she says she’s a survivor and will land on her feet again.

In the pub, Kate and Stefano argue about spending time on the yacht. Kate worries Sami’s huddling with her lawyer now and she wants to know the plan. Kate thinks EJ will disappear with the kids and promises if he does, it will happen over her dead body. Stefano doesn’t want EJ to run off with the grandchildren either but argues that EJ’s not going to do anything tonight. He was dead drunk the last time Stefano saw him and the kids are upstairs!

Rafe sleeps.

In the mausoleum, Gus is appalled that Vivian is planning on feeding Maggie alcohol laced gruel through a straw while she’s in the casket. Gus suggests that Vivian spend more time with Victor than here moping over Maggie.

Maggie goes to see Brady at the Kiriakis mansion but he’s not there. They discuss Brady’s drinking Maggie says a recovering addict is supposed to be staying away from anything that threatens his sobriety and mentions she’s considering going away. She didn’t like being anywhere that reminded her of Mickey but now she’s tempted to go on one of the trips they planned before he died. Victor thinks it’s lovely. "Lovely," Maggie’s never heard him call anything lovely before. He admits he doesn’t want her to go. He receives a call and has to run off.

Chloe finds Brady drinking at Cheatin’ Heart. She tells him about the baby. He’s shocked she’s not barren but so happy for her. She says she’s worried about his drinking and fears she’s the reason he got hooked on drugs but he blames himself. Chloe brings up Nicole being under armed guard and Brady thinks he was stupid to think Nicole changed. Chloe says Nicole’s always been a friend to her.

Sami ambles down to the pier unseen and remembers EJ’s proposal and throws the gun in and runs.

Sami gets back into bed with Rafe. Nicole calls worried EJ will kill her but he can’t talk now. He’ll call her back. He turns to Sami noticing she’s pale and asks what’s wrong. Nicole calls back ranting that he mustn’t care so he again says he’ll call later and hangs up and makes out with Sami.

Stefano and Kate leave the pub. Stefano asks her to trust him. Kate flashes to her warning call to Sami and Victor shows up, not happy that Stefano has stopped a shipment of his. Stefano explains his took precedence. Kate hopes Victor’s not going to retaliate. Victor flashes to telling Rafe to use Nicole to get to EJ then says he believes he already has and mentions the wedding interruptions. Victor says now that he has violated the terms of their agreement he’d best get back in line. Maggie interrupts.

Back in the mausoleum, Vivian discusses her plans and says by the time she gets through with Maggie, she’ll have nothing to live for. Vivian records notes from Maggie to Victor and Melanie when Brady walks in. Vivian tells him her plan for his mother and Brady calls her the strangest woman he’s met. He hates the idea and tells her to get rid of it and leave Isabella alone.

Chloe arrives home wondering why there are nine guys wearing headsets outside. Nicole explains EJ’s the Sydnapper and how she blackmailed him and the FBI is protecting her. At Daniel’s, Nicole throws things and wakes Daniel and Chloe up. Nicole says Rafe isn’t going to do anything to help her. Daniel’s annoyed but Chloe listens as Nicole rants the only thing left she has is her life.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Chloe asks where Nicole’s headed. Nicole says, "Anywhere that isn't Salem."

Sami tells Rafe EJ’s out of her life.

Stefano says, "I think he's dead." Kate gasps. Stefano cries, "No no no," and holds his son’s head.

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