At the pier, EJ warns Nicole she’s going to pay. She reminds him he’s the one who took Sydney from her mother and told Johnny that his sister was dead. EJ muses that Johnny knew it wasn’t true. Nicole asks if DiMera boys are raised to be men by watching their mother suffer. EJ goes nuts and screams, "Shut up!" Nicole thinks he knows he’s the only one to blame. He apologizes and motions her over and once she’s near, he grabs her by the neck and resumes screaming. Daniel arrives and steps in, threatening to knock EJ out cold. EJ leaves and Nicole says EJ did something to George. She bursts out crying that EJ was going to kill her and explains the tale about the Sydnapping and her part in the blackmail. Daniel thinks Nicole’s right. EJ is going to kill her! Nicole can see Daniel’s a good guy and Chloe’s lucky to have the love of a good man. Daniel is uncomfortable and changes the subject, asking if she’s a baseball fan. Nicole starts to cry. "Why me?" Daniel wonders why she blackmailed a mobster. Nicole always makes bad decisions, but did love EJ once, she says, sobbing into his arms. George shows up a little disheveled. He’ll wait until tomorrow to get their statements and plans on sending a car to Daniel’s place to protect Nicole tonight.

Rafe comforts Sami in bed. He thinks she can get full custody if she plays hardball with EJ over the kids. Sami notes the kids are his Achilles heel and she has to keep the kids from him one way or another.

Kate tells Stefano that she’s afraid Will is going to think she’s got something to do with the Sydnapping. She threatens to leave and bring down the house if Stefano doesn’t help her ensure Will believes in her. EJ arrives and tells Kate to get out of the great room. She does so but not without a few comments aimed at a very drunken EJ. EJ explains to Stefano that Nicole recorded their discussion about the Sydnapping and gave it to Rafe. Roman has probably heard it by now. Stefano is upset and when EJ threatens to take the kids and disappear, Stefano shakes with anger. "My only son, only thinks of himself," he says. In the foyer, Kate listens in.

At the pub, Caroline thinks Stefano’s favorite sport is hurting Will’s mother. The DiMera’s can’t be trusted. Will doesn’t believe her, pointing out he doesn’t think she has proof that they’re as bad as she says!

Rafe gets Sami brandy while she takes a shocking call from Kate, who warns her that EJ’s planning on disappearing with the kids. She’d better do something tonight because EJ’s serious. They hang up and Rafe returns, asking who was on the phone. Sami lies that the caller was Caroline. Later, Rafe sleeps and Sami takes off.

In his room, EJ looks at a drawing one of the kids made while Kate finds Stefano in the great room. He explains about the recorded admission Rafe has on EJ. "Loose lips sink ships," Kate murmurs. Stefano thinks they ought to spend the night on the yacht. EJ will be fine. They leave and EJ returns looking worse than ever. He drinks and reminisces about happier times, then heads upstairs and cries in his booze while staring at the drawing Johnny made.

Outside the pub, Stefano accuses Kate of not caring about him but Kate points out their similarities. She is as protective of her family as he is about his. They can fix this but the ball is in his court, she says. Stefano says he’s not telling Will she had nothing to do with the Sydnapping because she’s threatening him but because he loves her. Kate says, "But DiMera’s never tell the truth."

Inside, Stefano asks for Will but Caroline says he’s too late. Kate lets Caroline know she just learned about the Sydnapping but Caroline doesn’t believe it. She says it’s over and Sami will be hurt for the last time. She has Rafe Hernandez to ensure it.

Sami runs into the mansion and yells for EJ. She searches for him while she fumes. She won’t allow him to take the kids.

EJ bawls on his bed as he remembers holding Johnny for the first time while Sami enlightens him about what it means to be a father. He flashes to Sami throwing her ring at him and yelling in her guttural way that he’ll never see his kids again, then flashes to Stefano accusing him of only thinking of himself and looks down at his hands where he’s holding a gun. He looks in the mirror and puts the gun to his head, gritting his teeth.

Downstairs Sami continues looking for EJ and heads upstairs.

EJ has passed out. Sami arrives to his room and yells at him to get up. She won’t let him take her children from her! She pauses as she sees the gun in his hand. She turns to leave but remembers Kate’s warning and EJ’s lies that Sydney was dead. The voices taunt her until she takes the gun from EJ and shoots him!

Daniel and Nicole return home. Chloe’s out. Nicole asks, "Do you have any vodka? Gin? Rubbing alcohol?" Daniel smirks and hands her wine. She’s sorry he got involved. They both agree that EJ will try to kill her. When Daniel goes off to bed, Nicole says this won’t be over while EJ’s still alive. She boozes it up more.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Nicole tells Daniel she won’t have peace until she takes care of EJ permanently.

Stefano tells Kate, "No one is going to do anything hasty tonight."

Sami looks at the blood on EJ’s head and runs from the mansion.

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