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These are the “Days” of my week for June 21-25:

You’re in for a rant. Sometimes the show leaves me no other recourse than to prattle on about the issues I see. Maybe next week I’ll sing their praises!

The tribute to Alice Horton (Frances Reid) ended this week with her death and the memorial service. All in all I felt the tribute could have been written much better than it was. Mostly I was bored. Tuesday’s episode had Matt and I almost in a coma. I don’t think it would have helped any to have more family members there. Who knew making doughnuts could put one to sleep?
A few highlights…Julie confounded me when she said she couldn’t imagine planning her own funeral service. Considering her advanced age, I’d have thought she and Doug would both have already planned theirs. It was great to see Jennifer and Mike together but I did missed Jack. When Carrie and Sami made amends I felt it was just another neatly tied up storyline but what the fans would want to see. The one character I’d love to stick around is Kayla. It was fun to watch her rant at her stubborn brother.

Friday’s episode was a respite from the monotony and we were treated to some very touching scenes and haunting music. Mike missing out on saying goodbye to his Gran was very realistic and touching, while Kate calling Sami away from the memorial when Johnny had a fever was a surprisingly sweet moment between these two sworn enemies. Let’s hope they don’t turn over a new leaf but have some animosity to spare now and again. I felt Friday’s episode was really well done but I’m ready to move on.

Blackmailing Stefano.
I’m completely baffled. I love that Kate and Stefano have their own storyline but my interest is starting to wan because there are too many holes in the writing. I was hidden in the park listening to Stefano tell Madeline that her blackmailing scheme is over and thought I heard incorrectly. What blackmailing scheme? She wasn’t blackmailing him. Anyway, even if she considered blackmail, Madeline has just as much to lose by keeping that VHS VCR tape as Stefano did. Few questions – Was Stefano a pimp? What’s Kate’s part in this? And more importantly, why does Stefano have a VCR in his mausoleum? Though we heard Stefano’s voice on the tape, could it have been Kate who actually killed the man? Do you care? And as for that envelope full of gossip that Kate found, do you assume that Chad’s a DiMera? They do need a few new DiMeras to take over once Stefano’s gone and Stefano has always had kids coming out of the woodwork.