Aloma Wright played Nurse Jillian!

Ever wonder where you’ve seen an actor who has played a bit part on Days of Our Lives? is giving you an inside peek into some of the newcomers from Days of Our Lives.

Days of Our Lives has had a few newcomers show up in Salem recently. Many of you have been emailing us with questions as to who these actors are, while others are posting in the message boards about how much they’ve enjoyed them. I’ve posted a little info about the new characters in the comings and goings, but there is only room for so much, so that’s why we have this handy article!

First off, you all must have thought that young actor who played Shawn Brady Sr. was a cutie. We thought he did a fine job portraying young Shawn Brady Senior, with the scenes between he and Colleen Brady (Alison Sweeney) and young Stefano DiMera (No word yet on who played him).

Tanner Maguire played the role of young Shawn Brady Senior. He’s not exactly a newcomer to acting, and has been in television commercials, has played Josiah, in ‘Saving Sarah Cain’ (2007), as well as Ben in ‘Janine’ in (2006). Before that, he portrayed a little boy in ‘Midnight Clear’, in (2005) and in addition to a few other parts, he was Young Zach in ‘Desperate Housewives’ in 4 episodes from 2005-2006. It turns out that the Maquire family has another child actor in their midst! Tanner has an older sister, Payton McGuire, who has worked on ER and played a child in a series called ‘Til Death’

Wondering where you’ve seen that comical nurse ‘Jillian’ who tended to Shawn Brady’s (Brandon Beemer) burns at University Hospital? Since so many of you enjoyed her time on the show, I spoke with a pal at Days and they told me that her name is Aloma Wright, and although she has done a few commercials, Aloma is well known for playing a nurse! You may know her for her role in ‘Scrubs’ as Nurse Laverne Roberts, from 2001- 2007, or remember her from comedy, ‘Mr. Deeds’, as Coretta Keeling, the Cat Lady! In addition to many films and videos and past television sitcoms, Aloma is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and mother of one.