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These are the “Days” of my week for June 14-18:

While half of Salem was taking Maggie’s ‘How To Be At Your Busybody Best’ course, the other half was preparing for Alice’s death. Let’s dive right in.

Would killing them off be better?
Carly badgered Chloe until even I wanted to help keep her betrayal a secret. Father Matt refused to marry Chloe and Daniel because of her lies and Chloe lied to Daniel, stating the reason was something to do with annulment issues or “pertaining to religious law.” Then, as usual Chloe blamed Carly for everything. I’m so sick to death of these three and this insipid storyline. Are we supposed to believe that Daniel would not demand answers from the deceitful opera diva and that he’d marry her knowing she is bloody well keeping something from him? Her lies are piling up and Daniel hasn’t even come close to finding his cojones.

Carly did a lot of eye narrowing and squinting while the hypocrite told Melanie it’s wrong to rush into a relationship. But it’s okay for Miss. High and Mighty to do it with Bo.

Drugging the ex-druggie.
Baker made a good point this week when he told Nicole that EJ wasn’t too brilliant if he didn’t even know his wife was faking her pregnancy for six months. If he couldn’t figure that out, how is Baker supposed to be concerned he’ll figure out Nicole’s part in this mess? I felt for Brady who in the midst of trying to clear Arianna’s name, wound up drugged and in the hospital in about five seconds flat. He makes a funny drunk. While Nicole almost spilled that she is to blame and she really is Ari doubted Brady’s claims of being set up. I’ve lost count. How many times is it that Bradianna has broken up?

Free Ride.
Sami thanked EJ for paying for the cost of the contractor to come fix the pipe damage in Marlena’s townhouse. I was embarrassed for her. Why didn’t she pay for it herself? No cash flow to take care of mummy’s townhouse herself? It makes one wonder if that’s why she’s living in the mansion. For a free ride. Hey, I’m just calling it how the writers want me to see it. Julie got on her back about living with the enemy, causing Sami to defend her actions and EJ’s um… honour. Though Julie’s assessment of the situation was accurate, I actually felt bad for Sami, who has always felt so misunderstood and alone. Vote on why Sami moved into Casa DiMera!