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These are the “Days” of my week from June 1-4:

I was only able to spy on the goings on in Salem a mere four days this week, due to the holiday. Not much happened. I’ll put away my binoculars and get down to business of dishing.

Maggie and Victor spent his wedding night together flirting while poor Vivi moped around the Kiriakis manse. Vivian needed an alibi for what was about to happen with Carly, so she pressured Victor into a cheap honeymoon in Niagara Falls. He preferred a staycation, one where she stayed in her room. He was on to her and warned her that she’d better be on the up and up. I hope they’re not gone for long, because that always means more time for Samanther to return to the screen and I prefer Viv ‘n’ Vic. Better yet, Vic ‘n’ Mags.

Chloe finally succumbed to Vivian, but she’s a little slow. Knowing Vivian buried Carly alive, she still didn’t recognize that Vivian’s elevator plan was a murderous plot. The doe eyed dip badgered Viv, concerned that she was going too far. What did she think Aunt Vivian would do? Slap Carly on the wrist and tell her to go play in somebody else’s sandbox? Chloe’s no murderer though so we know this will backfire.

Plan B:
The Stathan storyline has been kicked up a notch by having Steph realize that Nathan’s not just a doctor but a man. They’ve both absentee fathers and Nathan opened up about how he wants better for his children. Steph decided to get herself out of a sticky situation by taking the morning after pill, AKA “Plan B,” since Plan A (trapping him) wasn’t working out for her. It actually gave me pause. Could there be a reason to root for these two after all? Even with the impending doom of Phelanie’s marriage, I felt their pillow talk brought their relationship to a new level. What are your thoughts? Care to take a poll to tell me if Steph should have taken the morning after pill?

Set up:
EJ heard a news brief from his ex that Arianna Hernandez was jailed for the Salem muggings. He thought it was rubbish and decided to take her case on. I found it strange that nobody mentioned that he’s one of the victims. Really strange. EJ suspected Nicole had something to do with Arianna’s set up and told each of the ladies so. It was fun to see EJ and Nicole spar.