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These are the “Days” of my week for May 17- 21:

Let’s start things off with a quote from one of our fellow forum posters, “Father John,” who says, “I think Salem is a small suburb of The Twilight Zone.” It explains a lot about strange goings on in Salem all these years. Let’s spy on them!

Justin and Hope’s relationship was kicked up a notch this week when Hope admitted to having feelings for her cousin-in-law, though she’s not ready to do anything with these feelings just yet. Kristian Alfonso can sure play vulnerable. She feels powerless since breaking up with Bo, which made me feel for her. I wouldn’t call what she’s doing ‘female empowerment’, yet I’m not sure I’d call her weak. She’s just struggling with devastation over the state of her relationship with Bo, which finally made me want them together again. Though I like the storyline, it does feed into the consistent writing of females in Salem. Part of me still thinks Princess Gina or another personality could be inside her. Check out this video of Hope fighting to destroy Princess Gina in our recent “Top WTF Moments in DOOL.”

Crossing the line.
Even if I feel Brady loves her, Nicole once again crossed a line and one I don’t think he’ll forgive her for. Still, I have a hard time being worried about what’ll become of Arianna, considering it’s Salem and the cops are… [Insert laughter here.] Maybe with the exception of daytime Hope. Kinsey returned for a brief moment to interact with Nicole and Ari and boy did it remind me of the good times Nicole had with Jan Britney Spears! Give me more of the brat that is Kinsey!

Looming over their heads.
Sami pointed out to Brady she’d go back to Rafe if he wanted her, but where does that leave Elvis? I’m pretty certain that Sami would never stay with EJ if she learned the truth. Though the main tie they have to each other is their kids which provides lots of tedium, the poker game was a lot of fun to watch. Even though they made a pretty picture as a family at the game, I don’t see how it can work with this looming over their heads.

Two dimensional Rafe.
Rafe’s temper got the better of him while questioning Anna, making me jump out of my seat. I liked seeing this side of him. He’s usually written as one-dimensional which causes people to find him a bore. It’s easier to relate to somebody with a range of emotion, non? While Anna did bring this upon herself – working with a known mobster, I can’t help feel sorry for her. She wouldn’t have done this if it weren’t for grieving over Tony, who meant everything to her. When we grieve, we aren’t ourselves. I don’t think she deserved to be poisoned but she does deserve jail time. Hey, at least Stefano got his cajones back!