Tomorrow is the big day, Days fans! Jerry Springer will be gracing the show with a brief stint as ‘Pete’ AKA “Lucky Lucifer”, who is a Vegas high roller that takes Nick under his wing. Pete’s character is a romantic at heart and teaches Nick (Blake Berris) not only about blackjack, but about women as well!

Taped Monday July 9, Jerry’s appearance will be seen Thursday July 26, on NBC. About his appearance, Springer told the network, “In light of the fact that I deal with real life soap operas every day,” says Springer, ” – it’s a total thrill to actually be able to appear on one – particularly of the stature of ‘Days of our Lives.”

For those who are not aware, Jerry Springer is a television personality and host of the controversial talk show, “The Jerry Springer Show.” The Springer Show has been on since 1991 and boasts high ratings due to the interesting guests, graphic scenes and lowbrow situations. Jerry also hosts “America’s Got Talent”.