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These are the “Days” of my week for May 10 – 14:

Salem Mugger.
This week Ari and Brady decided to go after the Salem Mugger, but ironically, when she was right in front of them, talking about girl power, neither saw the red flag. Carly had a run in with Hope that I’m sure Hope won’t recall, but if Carly brings it up the next time they meet, and Hope becomes confused, questions will arise. It’s interesting that Bo’s due back in Salem soon. He knows Hope better than anybody else but will he see the change in her?

The phoenix.
Nicole and Dr. Baker bumped into each other and he finally explained he pulled a Stefano DiMera to fake his own death. With a syringe full of that great stuff that makes one appear dead, of course, along with some self asphyxiation…you know…the usual. Because Nicole has the goods on him being involved with the Salem Mugger, she was able to turn him into her lackey again. He wishes he’d stayed “dead.” They’re now gathering evidence to put Arianna behind bars as the Salem Mugger.

Where’s Waldo?
I realize Daniel needs a friend to discuss his marital issues but think it’d be better for all involved if he’d keep Carly out of the loop and open up to somebody like Brady, who isn’t involved. I get that Melanie’s overjoyed that she has a family now but it’s not believable that she’d be looking all over the hospital each time she’s there, looking for her dad. Nor would she be calling his cell every few minutes wondering if he’s alright – considering she has no rationale to do so. Her acting is impeccable but the writers still haven’t found her feisty side. Even at the chance to take Vivian down a peg, when her mother-in-law to be invited them to dinner, she chose to go searching for Waldo – I mean Daniel, instead of give Vivian a piece of her mind. Sigh. Kudos to Chloe, who knew better than to get involved with Vivian and for admitting that she’s to blame for getting a piece of Philly. Not Carly. I wish other Salemites would admit their faults as Chloe has.

New couple?
Vivian’s doing more than squawking about there being not enough scones in Salem. She’s trying to plan the wedding of the century, attempting to convince Chloe to work with her to get rid of Carly, and now she’s got something else on her plate. Her man is interested in Maggie! Victor and Maggie shared several close moments in her hospital room, while he pushed Vivian away. This storyline also interests me because I’m not sure how Victor will get out of marrying Vivian. He is marrying Vivian in order to ensure she keeps her end of the bargain to stay away from Carly, but if things keep heating up between him and Maggie, he might have to face a choice between family and Mag Mags. That gets my attention.