Credit: Rafe's used to whiny women. (

These are the “Days” of my week from May 3-7:

The show doesn’t have the same feel. Fans are complaining of the ‘lazy writing’ and I’m completely befuddled by what’s going down in Salem. It feels as though the writers are focusing on something else, because something is off. It has the feel of a whole different show and is very bland. As Matt (Purvis, Matty’s Musings on SoapOperaFan) says – and I agree with this, “The show doesn’t know how to be absurd in an interesting way anymore.” Case in point. Read Rolla Bahsous’ top ten WTF moments of DOOL if you miss out on the show when it was entertaining best. No soap opera is going to be perfect for any of us but at the moment, I’m simply not sure where we are or where they’re going with anything.

Mood swings.
Hope surprised me by being honest with Baker about her plans for world domination or at least male domination with a kinky twist for branding. Some women get upset when they divorce but Hope decides to make the entire male population pay. She turned on the tears with Baker to get him to stick around. Very bi-polar. I’m not sure about anything with this storyline at this point. I’ll keep enjoying them working side by side, and hope for the best.

After Brady was mugged and branded by police woman Hope, Nicole took care of him, thus causing him to realize that she really does care about him. I don’t know why he ever doubted that. Arianna’s week was ruined by PMS but her cramps and bloating disappeared with a little product placement. I’d rather see Nicole on the job more than running after Brady. Watching women chase men is not my idea of entertainment. It reeks of Austin and Sami back in the day. Nic Nic, move on, honey.

Voice of an angel Calliope.
Rafe found a link to Anna’s past in ditzy Calliope Jones, and bartered with her. Rafe would help her and Eugene with their tax fraud and whiny Calliope would get Anna to admit she wasn’t responsible for the Sydnapping alone. Calliope’s very kind and sweet as can be but is one of the worst characters I’ve seen aside from Willow Stark. Just a sample of Calliope’s brilliance: “I happen to know she’s going to get a two hour stone massage and she’s going to be there quite some time.” Uh huh? Like two hours? Anna’s just as ditzy and when prompted with a little alcohol, spilled her whole sordid Sydnapping story, stopping short of telling her so called BFF who she hasn’t seen in two decades that EJ was behind it all. I was a little surprised that drunken Anna claimed to have no regret for her part in the Sydnapping. She hurt innocent people! I thought she should have felt a little remorse at least for those who were blameless and got hurt.

Pulled a “Sami.”
Chloe went ballistic on Carly and Daniel, confronting them about fooling around under the sheets. I’ve never seen Chloe show emotion. If she keeps opening up her big mouth in public about doing the deed, Nathan won’t be the only one to learn their dirty little secret. She isn’t working because she wants to focus on her husband but she’s focusing far too much and not in a healthy way. She reminds me of Sami. Get a job, woman!