Word on the daytime circuit has it that Days of Our Lives Austin Peck (Austin Reed) and Christie Clark (Carrie Brady) are being let go. Peck and Clark are to be written out of the storyline, late October.

Some credit this new twist to Days of Our Lives, new head writer, Hogan Sheffer, while others speculate whether this has anything to do with the program’s recent budget slashing.

A quote from Peck’s manager, Michael Bruno, “I know as much as anyone else does in this matter. I was told by my client, Austin, that he was pulled up to the office and told by a Days producer that he and Miss Clark would be leaving.

As of this date, neither I nor Austin’s agent have received written notification of his departure, he goes on to say. “I can tell you that Austin loves working at Days of our Lives, but also loves the daytime genre. So if it is indeed true, we hope that another show will see Austin’s tremendous assets and fanbase and welcome him into their family.”

The duo have only recently been back to Salem a few short months. Soaps.com can only ponder over what Days of Our Lives has in store for their storyline in the following months.

NBC has no official comment.

UPDATE: Soaps.com hears how Austin Peck took the news of his early departure from the show, “One day, I sat down after the last scene of the day with Christie Clark and without saying anything, we both knew. The stage manager came up to us and said, “[Days co-executive producer] Steve Wyman would like to see you in his office.” I looked at Christie and she looked at me, and I said, “Here it is.” We went upstairs and Steve sat us down. The only thing I said when I walked in was hi. Thankfully, he got right to the point. He said we were being written off the canvas. After he said what he said, I only said “Thanks, goodbye” and walked out the door. It’s kind of been an emotional rollercoaster ever since.”

And to the fans: “I think sometimes something needs to go to make room for something else in a person’s life. I look forward to doing different things. If you watch the show and you liked what I did, I hope this won’t be the last time that you’ll want to tune in. I hope you’ll stay tuned to me whenever I go!”
It looks like Austin will come out on top! We wish him well!