It has been reported that Days of Our Lives head writer, James E. Reilly may be let go from the daytime soap soon. Many fans seem to be happy with this, citing his work as a possible cause of recent lowered ratings. Although fans have been critical in the past of the way his storylines were resolved Reilly has pulled Days of Our Lives out of a slump many times. has heard rumors of NBC approaching As the World Turns head writer Hogan Sheffer in the hopes that Sheffer will take Reilly’s place as head writer for Days.

Sheffer is credited to turning ATWT around with his writing style resulting in the win of three Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Writing Team for the CBS soap.

If Reilly is out word is he’ll continue on as head writer of The news is not all bad for Reilly. The network announced last week that he would continue on as head writer of NBC’s Passions. will be in touch, when we hear more word on this story!

Updated:08-02-2006 Sheffer’s in as new head writer!