Glamming it up. (

These are the “Days” of my week for March 15-19:

The theme of this week was ‘mind games’. Seems most are playing them. The week didn’t revolve around one group, but provided a nice balance between several characters on the show, even a few we haven’t seen in weeks or months. Let’s break it down.

This week, the town pump and I were surprised to hear that Hope agreed to try to get Melanie to listen to reason. It worked about as well as Bo talking to Mel. Bope are nothing to Melanie, so I didn’t expect her to care about what they thought but Daniel got to her and she went to the judge to plead Carly’s case. She kept it from Philip, knowing he wants to protect her from pain and suffering, which made perfect sense. What made no sense whatsoever is how the hell Carly was set free when she tried to kill Vivian. The judge gave her probation, but nobody asked who she was aiming at. Many witnesses overheard her tell Bo she was trying to kill Vivian, yet that never came out in her little hearing. I gather Beauregard, the police commissioner, has hid this from the rest of Salem PD – somehow. I wasn’t even sure he was capable of this. He shouldn’t have even been at the hearing, considering his personal relationship with Carly. He shouldn’t have tried to defend her while Melanie was giving her story. I was as annoyed as the judge, who almost cited him for contempt. It’s this type of story that has me reneging on wanting Bope back together. Though I haven’t yet been given a reason to like Carly, I don’t think even she deserves the hot headed police commish.

I hate to rant once again about Phelanie this week but the writers give me no choice. They insist on carrying this letter storyline on – and on. Why go through all the trouble of writing Melanie fall so hard for Philly and give them all of this history, only to put Nathan, a mere attraction for Melanie, in between Phelanie? It’s not a true love triangle, considering Nathan and Mel only had a few dates. They’re not in love as far as I can see. It’s too difficult to believe that Melanie, who finds Philly to be the love of her life, the man who loves her for herself, would be in such a tizzy over an attraction – somebody who doesn’t love her for who she is. I get there’s a strong attraction but attractions come and go. Perhaps she’s just young. Certainly too young to marry. I’m really having trouble understanding where the writers are coming from on this one. I’d prefer they not go there with this triangle as I just do not buy it.

These two aren’t even married yet and they’re already heading for disaster – Chloe and Daniel had a spat this week when Daniel figured out Chloe hasn’t been going to her therapy appointments. She showed how insecure she was about Carly and Daniel being a new father and I really felt for her. She told Nicole that Carly’s a well respected doctor while she’s an out of work opera singer. Oy. I wanted to give her a hug. Nicole on the other hand dispensed Nicole-type advice and instructed Chloe in the art of fooling her man. Look out Daniel. If Chloe was worried that Daniel would fall for the murderous doctor now, wait until she starts lying to Daniel some more.

Max’s quickie return:

Max returned for about a half hour, many fans wondered why the show bothered having such a short visit with him. Some wondered where he was when Melanie was fighting for her life. I enjoyed the short visit and thought it was seamless. It felt as though he’d never left and I felt myself wishing he’d stick around. He saw more action than most of the cast has in months. He met up with Caroline, Bo, Philip, Stephanie and Melanie. His scenes with Melanie were absolutely adorable and considering he’s one of the few who can get through to Melanie, it was perfect timing for a return. The only problem is, I’m not sure if the return facilitated Melanie in speaking out at the hearing. It would be great if the show would have Darin return for more of these little visits, considering he can’t return fulltime, now that he’s on “Blue Mountain State.” Even a few phone calls would work, as long as he could be her conscience. I must confess something I’d rather not admit. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in my thinking but it doesn’t make it any less creepy! As I was watching Melanie and Max’s scene, just for a glimmer, I wondered how they’d do as a couple. Before you stone me, I’m not condoning what the writers used to do in the past with the incestuous Uncle Max relationships. The chemistry was simply so delicious, I couldn’t help that it popped into my head.

Nicole continued to delight…

Her visit with Faith didn’t go well and when Faith tried to keep it real, Nic Nic wasn’t having any of that and kicked her out of her cell and her life. I would have advised Nicole to keep Faith around, considering not too many Salemites are on her side right now and Faith’s merely trying to support her. The fact that Nicole’s still calling Sydney her daughter could spell trouble. I love the little deals Nic’s got going with Mrs. McTavish the guard and loved how the guard forced Nicole to clean the prison floor with a toothbrush. It was then that she finally recognized that it was Anna’s voice who she heard when Sydney was being kidnapped. So now I’d like to know how Anna got away with hitting Nicole over the head and taking Syd. Did she do that or was it EJ or a henchman? It likely won’t come up but it’s one of my burning questions. Anna didn’t “admit” to kidnapping Sydney, but she didn’t have to. Nicole played her. Anna didn’t need to admit the truth. It was obvious she took Syd. Nicole pointed out that she came rushing to the prison when told, she must have done it for revenge – that got Anna all riled up and of course, Nicole’s threats to call Rafe, Sami, Roman and EJ got Anna going and her guilty conscience was displayed all over her face. Nicole blackmailed her into getting her a pardon from Governor Ford, one of Anna’s old beaus from years gone by. Anna scampered over to the Kiriakis manse where she knew Governor Jim Ford would be attending Vic’s fund raiser, and her old lover attempted to get her back into his bed while she took a crack at getting that pardon for Nicole. It’s unclear whether Anna did her job because in Monday’s scene, she’s on a plane with EJ pushing a gun into her ribs. (I won’t give it away!) He’s already on edge knowing that Theo has learned his secret from his son, Johnny, that Syd was safe with daddy the whole time! Is EJ’s world crashing down all around him?