Surprise! It's one of Ali's own dresses!

I’ve been keeping the wardrobe departments busy on a few of the daytime dramas! Recently, we had a few questions regarding clothing and makeup that a few of the characters have been wearing on the soaps. This past weekend, we received a few emails from frantic fans, begging us to find out where to find these great items worn by Ali Sweeney, who portrays Sami Brady!

Brooke W says, “I would love to know where you get the clothing for the Days of our Lives cast. I especially loved Lucas & Sami’s wedding planners’ shirt today (4/4/07). I have been looking for a shirt like that, please let me know where it came from if possible. Thanks so much, Brooke.”

Unfortunately for you Brooke, that piece is actually one of Ali’s own items from her closet! You’d have to go into her closet in order to purchase it! Sorry!