Will there be a Bricole reunion? (Soaps.com)

These are the “DAYS” of my week from March 1-4:

This week revolved around the aftermath of Melanie’s shooting and ended the Sydnapping. This week seems to be driving us into new storylines, which is a welcome change. Before we’re driven somewhere better, let’s get into where we’ve been.

When EJ drank, whined and obsessed about how difficult it was to break up Sami and Rafe, Anna reminded him that Sami’s needy. She needs a hero in her life, a man to take care of her. This sparked a new plan for EJ and he decided he’d work at being her hero, and by Friday, brought Syd home, thus ending the Sydnapping. I don’t blame Sami for keeping this secret from Rafe this time, after all that went down during the last drop. As a parent, her first concern was Syd. Anna told EJ she knew he was in love with Samanther, but he avoided the accusation. Instead of showing a weakness, he’d rather gut Sami by using Syd. That’s love for ya. DiMera love is grand.

I got a chuckle during the DiMera great room scenes. There used to be cameras all over the DiMera manse, and yet Sami and EJ discuss the Sydnapping and ransom note right there in the great room, at the top of their lungs and nobody noticed.

Many think Sami’s stupid for not learning EJ was involved in the Sydnapping but I disagree. She has no bloody way of knowing that the tosser has kidnapped her own kid, she doesn’t watch DOOL, so how is she supposed to figure out what he’s up to? I don’t think there are blatant signs that would lead her to thinking EJ’s up to anything. I wonder if it’ll stay his and Anna’s little secret.

Rafe’s suddenly coming off as a little overbearing which I gather comes from his hands being practically tied at the moment and his need to be Sami’s hero. If EJ is Sami’s hero, how will Rafe feel he fits into her life? Will it matter to him?

Maggie kept having dizzy spells and hand tremors, thus making her worry that her old condition, Myasthenia Gravis was returning. Incidentally, the actress had this in real life, causing her to quit the show in 1984. She’s been in remission for ages. I love how this didn’t stop momma bear Maggie from getting a few shots at Carly for turning Melanie’s life upside down. Part of me is grinning with glee that Carly’s getting a little comeuppance and the other part of me sees how honourable she is and what a good person she is. From our forums, “Dayzed and Confused,” mentioned how Philly, who gave up Pocket, knowing he was his son, didn’t sympathize with Carly, but instead, lectured her about giving up Mel. Maybe Carly needs a pal who understands where she is coming from!

According to my poll, the majority of voters love the twist that Daniel’s Melanie’s dad. I had doubts in the beginning but am right into loving this, now. Daniel, who looks even more handsome with his darker do, hasn’t had much story to really show his acting chops on the show with and he is doing a great job with his new discovery and already thinking like a parent. Melanie, on the other hand, is all drugged up and out of it! I’m not crazy about the dialogue they’ve got her spouting. It’s too childlike. Brilliant though, how she’s going off about how horrible her childhood was. And it was. My heart broke for her all over again.

The downside of the secret being out is that Chloe got hurt when Carly accidentally let her secret slip. Daniel was spot on, haranguing Carly over her deceit, while Chloe’s insecurity was really blown out of proportion. I fear Danloe could be history if she doesn’t look at this as a positive thing. She feels threatened, which I understand, but needs a friend’s support and a reminder that she can still “give” him a child – a baby- and they can experience all of the poopy diapers and late night feedings together that she craves.