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In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of May 22 – 23, Megan is out and ready to rule. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Last week, Chad was able to help Steve and Harris rescue Kate from the demented Dimitri, only for Dimitri to taunt that he has another hostage! He has Andre captive, and it turns out, Dimitri is Megan’s son and a DiMera! He used the fact that he had Shane’s son captive as a bargaining chip for immunity for himself, and Megan. Coming up, John has to break the terrible news to Paul that Andrew’s been kidnapped. We see scenes of Andrew being tortured, but later fighting back his captors. And it seems Dimitri gets what he wants, as Megan returns home, enters the DiMera mansion, and vows to claim her rightful place as a DiMera.

Also last week, Jada finally deduced the mysterious Colin’s identity, only it was too late as Paulina and Abe were lured into his trap at Sweet Bits. Colin clubbed Abe over the head with a rolling pin and took Paulina hostage, and Paulina quickly deduced who he was. He used Paulina to lure Chanel to a rooftop to finally exact his revenge for Chanel’s part in his mother’s death. Next week, the showdown between Colin, who holds Paulina at gunpoint, and Chanel on a rooftop continues. A hospitalized Abe demands his wife be found, and Rafe puts out an APB on Colin. Jada confronts Colin on the roof and orders him to drop his gun. And you won’t believe what happens next! Colin manages to grab Chanel, and they both go over the side of the roof!

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