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We should have seen it coming from the moment we learned Dimitri had another hostage on Days of Our Lives. After all, who would have the sort of leverage needed to get him out of the kind of trouble he was in? Well, it turns out we were way off with our guesses, but the real identity of the hostage should have been obvious: Andrew Donovan!

He’s an agent of the International Security Alliance and the son of the head of the ISA, Shane Donovan, so yeah, if Dimitri wants everything against him dropped and Megan sprung from jail, that’s the family he’s going to have to tangle with.

In the dimly lit visitors' room, Megan and Andrew glare across the table at each other.

Does the ISA really have that kind of power? Apparently! Cleary, they can bypass pretty much any law they want, skip over due process and imprison Megan in a state prison without any sort of trial. So why wouldn’t they have the power to get her out of it and grant Dimitri immunity after his own prison break? And now, it sounds like that power is concentrated squarely in Shane’s hands!

From the start of Megan’s tale and Bo and Hope’s return, we’ve been hearing a lot about Shane as the ISA has been front and center and he’s, as we noted, heading the organization. But as much as we’ve heard about him, we never got to see him. Except now Andrew’s been kidnapped, and Dimitri plans on using him to get what he wants. As he told Harris, “I would expect that he will personally see to it that Megan and I will both be set free.” He forgot about Kristen, but we’re sure Dimitri and Megan will fix that little oversight. In fact, spoilers pretty much guarantee it!

Now whether this goes down as Dimitri hopes is up in the air, but we do know that he’ll be sticking around Salem for a while. Shane, on the other hand, despite being mentioned quite a bit for the last couple months, has been MIA. And there’s good reason for that as Charles Shaughnessy has been busy over on General Hospital trying to destroy the world as supervillain Victor Cassadine.

Now, though, Victor’s dead and his plan thwarted — which means just about everything is in place for Shaughnessy to head back to Salem and return on the right side of the angels as Shane! Granted, Days of Our Lives shoots so far in advance, that all this Shane talk was shot back in the thick of Victor’s Port Charles days, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be able to see him pop up to help deal with Dimitri and Andrew, even if just briefly. After all, Wally Kurth has been pulling double duty as General Hospital’s Ned and Days of Our Lives’ Justin for years!

But that could just be the prelude to Shane’s actual return a few months from now when Days of Our Lives has a chance to catch up to Shaughnessy’s exit from General Hospital. We briefly thought we got Shane back during the first Beyond Salem, but it turned out to be a villainous Drew masquerading as his twin. (Though he did pop up briefly eventually.) His last substantial return was back in 2017 to masquerade as a very-much-dead Stefano and get Hope out of prison.

With Andrew running around, Dimitri joining the show full-time and Megan about to secure her and Kristen’s freedom and (hopefully) start mixing it up with the rest of their DiMera family, this would be the perfect time for Shane to make his return to keep watch over everyone. After all, he first came to Salem to keep an eye on Stefano and if ever there was a time the DiMeras needed watching again, it would be now.

And with him and Andrew, maybe we could get the rest of the Donovans back in town too. The show’s mentioned Kimberly a few times when they were trying to deprogram Harris and we’ve had rumblings of an Eve return for a bit now.

What do you think? Is it time for Shane and the rest of the Donovans to head back to Salem and get a true legacy character (and family!) back?

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