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We’ll admit that when Kate disappeared on Days of Our Lives after Bo “shot” her, we weren’t expecting quite this many twists and turns. We all knew that she was alive, of course, but we didn’t foresee her getting stuck on a fishing boat once again — or that she was being held hostage by Carly and Frankie’s villainous cousin, Dimitri Von Leuschner!

But it looks like even that was just the start of the surprises as at the end of the Monday, May 15 episode, Dimitri revealed to Harris that Kate wasn’t his only hostage! So who is his other victim and just how explosive will the reveal be?

We’ve got some ideas — and one of them is sure to leave your jaw on the floor!

The Usual Suspects

First off, there’s always the fairly obvious one because it could always be Billie. An ISA agent might make decent leverage and it would explain why she’s been MIA during the hunt for her mom. Kate wondered if kidnapping her was to get revenge on her daughter, but why wouldn’t he just go for Billie herself?

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Then again, someone who might be a whole lot easier to make disappear could be Philip… There aren’t a whole lot of people who know where he is. Kate’s been out of contact in case his facility wanted to let her know he vanished, and Victor’s been traveling around the world before becoming preoccupied by Bo. Take out Billie’s brother, and use Victor’s son as leverage? This could be the perfect way to bring Philip back just in time to say farewell to his dad.

A Fan Favorite’s Return?

But that brings us to the big theory. The one that’s almost too fantastic to contemplate — or at least would be if this wasn’t Days of Our Lives! We know that on Tuesday, May 16 we’re going to get the news of another DiMera. And we’ve been assuming it’s an illegitimate child of Stefano’s — which makes Dimitri the likely suspect.

But what if it isn’t him? After all, his comment calling Chad “another one of Stefano’s bastard children” would cut a little close to home if he was one too! So what if whoever Dimitri’s holding is a DiMera? Or rather, their child is!

And that brings us to Abigail. She’s been gone for nearly a year. If someone faked her death and kidnapped her and she was secretly pregnant when she was nabbed, by now, she would have had her third child with Chad. Now that’s not necessarily to say Dimitri was the one who originally nabbed her, of course. He may have just taken advantage of the opportunity, the same as he did with Kate. But it’s a theory that’s all but impossible to ignore.

In their bedroom, an anguished Chad hovers his hands over Abigail's lifeless body, sprawled over their bed

Was all this just an elaborate fake out?

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Think about it. Why is Chad over in Greece searching for Kate instead of one of her actual children? Why was he the one to burst in on her and Dimitri? We know he and Kate are close, but at least one of her kids is trained for this kind of stuff. Instead, it’s Chad. That seems awfully convenient.

If it does turn out to be Abigail, — and she has a baby with her — we can’t imagine Chad and Stephanie lasting all that long. Luckily, her and Alex’s big schism was “undone” with Kayla coming back and he’s even been going to therapy to deal with his issues. The timing, in other words, would be perfect.

What do you think? Is it someone tied to Dimitri’s exploits on Beyond Salem, someone tied to Billie and Kate or is the DiMera angle the important one here? Let us know your theories!

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