Shawn Christian and Arianne Zucker
Credit: Courtesy of Shawn Christian and Arianne Zucker.

Days of Our Lives‘ Shawn Christian and Arianne Zucker’s palpable chemistry is what makes their real-life partnership so sweet — even when they are a Zoom call away! had the opportunity to chat with the dynamic duo even though all of us were in three different locations, the love still ping-ponged back and forth between the engaged couple. While they are no longer co-stars on-screen, they’ve taken their work off-screen and started a successful business, Aloha Life Coaching. And Zucker gave us the inside scoop on how her hubby-to-be has impacted her life in the best way possible.

While they’ve both “learned how to support each other and be open to each other’s advice,” Zucker praised Christian for his patience, calling him “my angel.” Awwww, we love to hear such adoring words, and she also explained why this lesson was so important to her. “With his patience, I have learned how to become a completely different person in how I respond to things,” she said. “It’s about really wanting to be in it together, and I think the first obstacle is the choice — to want to be in it with that person and figure out, ‘How do I balance them out?'”

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Nicole and Daniel could have used a little of the help Zucker and Christian now provide others!

Credit: Paul Skipper/JPI

The pair, who are still figuring out their wedding plans, want to share the knowledge they have learned with both couples (Saturday, May 6) and singles (Sunday, May 7) to take their relationships to the next level in a one-day workshop in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains. Christian will be leading the seminar in conjunction with The Soul Institute’s Adora Winquist — and don’t worry, Zucker will be there for support. And hopefully, you’ll get to see some of their magic up close and personal!

For more information on the Sacred Relationship Retreats, visit the Soul Institute’s website.

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