Kristian Alfonso, Peter Reckell posing for beyond salem as bo hope
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When it comes to the ill-fated reunion of Bo and Hope, the backstage drama at Days of Our Lives is turning out to be far more entertaining than the unhappy ending the pair got on screen. And with Peter Reckell speaking out about the situation… well, get some popcorn as we dive in to his version of what went down.

“There’s been a lot of back-and-forth, and people are having huge feelings,” the actor understated during a video chat with Michael Fairman (the entirety of which can be seen below). “Which is great, because it shows that the audience is passionate about what they want to see.”

Bo and Hope look into each other's eyes, holding champagne flutes.

He went on to say that “the circumstances are rather difficult with us coming back for the short [visits] and it’s so long in between the times we come back.”

One of the most challenging scenes for the actor to shoot was one in which he had relatively little to do. But trying to remain “comatose” while Bo’s family, including Brandon Beemer’s Shawn and Victoria Konefal’s Ciara, wept was tough! “All of these emotions were coming up, and I was supposed to be out of it! I was like, ‘Don’t tear up!'”

Days' Ciara and Shawn teary-eyed around an unconscious Bo in the hospital

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Singing the praises of his on-screen family, Reckell hoped to work with them in the future. “I’m fortunate to have such amazing young actors as my ‘kids’,” he praised, pointing out that Konefal’s Ciara was basically “the spirit of Bo Brady in female form.”

Asked if he was happy with how the storyline ended, Reckell hedged a bit. “When you’ve done this as many years as I’ve done it, you don’t get disappointed… it is what it is.” Instead, he focused on other big, dramatic moments he’s gotten to play over the years… and hinted that there was more to come, although fans might have to wait a bit for another installment in Bo’s story.

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“Right now, we’re just waiting to see when and if they’ll bring the story back,” he admitted. He did, however, hope that a return was in the works, given that “it would be very disrespectful of the fans” if Bo and Hope’s story was, like Bo himself, left in limbo.

“I can’t even imagine not having more,” a clearly choked-up Reckell concluded.

As we await news on when Bo and Hope’s story will continue, flip through the photo gallery below to relive every moment of their epic romance!