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These are the “Days” of my week for February 1-5:

Groundhog Day may have been on Tuesday, but on DOOL, it stuck around for the whole week. With the exception of having interest in the wedding storyline, nothing else is really going on in Salem. Still weary of the Carly show this week, though I prefer it to the alternative – the Sami show. My big questions of the week: Why are Melanie and Carly suddenly BFFs? And why suddenly would Philly allow Vivian and Kate to walk him down the aisle? He has no use for either of them and there has been no real reconciliation. As usual, it feels as though I’ve missed a few weeks of the show, when in fact I’ve been here watching daily. The big news this week is that Adrienne’s returning to Salem. We hope it’s not to jump right into a triangle between Justin and Hope. Let’s get into the column and discuss the week while dispensing some much needed advice to our dear characters.

Running with scissors:

Ciara’s absolutely adorable, but like a few others on the show, I’d love to see her hone her craft. It’s hard to keep in the moment and suspend disbelief as it is, with the direction of the show – which could use work – if we have to watch characters stare vacantly at the screen and never use their facial muscles.


As usual, the theme for these two bumbling fools this week was ‘he did this’ and ‘she said that’. They’ve been married ages and yet they still haven’t learned how to communicate.

Carly almost plotzed when Bo suggested she move back in to his bed. I mean, house. He moved her in so he could protect her because you know, this thing with Vivian is getting so ridiculously out of control. Ridiculous. Yeah. Crazy. Out of hand. It’s spinning wildly… Bo’s listening to the wrong head, because the way I see it, nothing has changed. Carly’s not in any less or more danger than she was when she arrived. Why did he let her move out last time if only to move her back in? There’s no reason why Carly needs to live with Bo except that she’ll keep the other side of the bed warm for him. It’s not as though the shrew will be doing that anytime soon.

Advice: Caroline and I think Bo should learn to consider other people’s feelings. Hope needs to stop jumping to conclusions and direct her energy toward herself instead of on Barly. Gus is cute and seemingly single and I’m sure Patrick Lockhart could use a conjugal visit by now.

Blah blah blah:
Hope should stop bringing up the Zach death card with Bo, during arguments. She couldn’t understand why Bo would invite a murderer to live there after all they’ve been through and after what they went through with Zach? What is she on about? I don’t even understand where she’s coming from, because one has nothing to do with the other. He is selfish and moving Carly in to get some arse. Period. And while I don’t think Carly will harm Ciara, I still don’t get how Carly has gotten away with murder and how she’s a practicing physician still. She’s so annoying, getting into Chloe’s infertility issues like that. If I were Chloe, and thank goodness I’m not, I’d have told Carly to mind her own damned business about my marriage and look after her own problems. Instead, Chloe said she is over those pesky little infertility issues and then promptly asked Father Matt for a miracle. Looks like she got one because she suddenly checked her calendar and realized that she missed a period and is pregnant! I wouldn’t bother painting the nursery.

On to Kate and Vivi, other would-be murderesses. It’s been interesting to have Kate saving her daughter-in-law-to-be from Vivi, instead of trying to off her. It’s been fun to see Vivian switching gears all week trying to be true to herself and to Lawrence’s memory. The poison tip on the pearl wedding comb was a nice touch, and the back alley meetings made me snicker a bit.