At the hospital, Alex looks off with a creased brow, and parted downturned lips.
Credit: Peacock screenshot

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Days of Our Lives‘ Alex, it’s that he’s full of surprises. And just about nothing surprised us more than him seeking professional help for his sex addiction! His talk with Marlena kicked off some actual therapy and it looks like, just like Robert Scott Wilson’s last character, Ben, Alex may come out of his early troubles a better man.

Or… not. Because we got another surprise courtesy of Wilson himself — and it’s one that makes us wonder if Alex is going to have enough of a future to become that better man!

Alex’s portrayer never shies away from sharing behind-the-scenes stories on his Instagram, but usually they’re fairly innocuous. Maybe Wilson would give us a peek at the suit he’s wearing or just let us know he’s in the studio filming. One of his recent stories, though, gave us both… with a twist! One of the photos he shared had a snapshot of Alex in a suit onset and covered in blood! At least, it looks like blood.

When an enterprising fan shared a screenshot on Twitter and tried throwing Xander under the bus as the culprit behind this bloody mess, Paul Telfer just gave the Twitter equivalent of a shrug when he replied, “Looks like he just got a bit sloppy at the bistro to me…”

Check out the photo below as we wonder what this means for Alex!

Surely, the show wouldn’t off him just as he’s finally turning his life around. That would just be the epitome of cruelty. Plus, we’re running dangerously low on Kiriakises these days. So hopefully, he won’t die. But that is a whole lot of blood on Alex’s shirt…

And then there’s the question of who did that. There’s a reason Xander leapt to the front of the suspect list. He hasn’t been taking Alex and Gwen’s romp in the bedroom well, even going so far as to give Alex a black eye. But would he really get that violent again — especially with his growing Chloe relationship?

We have a feeling Xander isn’t at fault here. And we also have a feeling that someone like Alex probably made an enemy or two before he got back to Salem.

Xander threatening Alex days peacock

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The thing is, it may be some time before we find out who does attacks Alex since the show films about six months in advance. However, now that we think about it, that may put this bloody scene sometime around Halloween. And Days of Our Lives does like to do special Halloween episodes. But that opens up a whole other can of worms.

Are we going to get a serial killer on the loose (oddly fitting that Alex should be attacked since Wilson’s Ben was an ex-serial killer), a fantasy/dream episode or another brush with the demonic? So long as it’s not the latter, we’re happy to wait and see!

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