Days' Hope and Bo together Kristian Alfonso, Peter Reckell
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Bo and Hope’s return really didn’t turn out like we expected. Or maybe we should say that the big “Bope” reunion really didn’t turn out like Days of Our Lives fans were hoping. The story’s not quite over yet, but it’s clear where it’s heading: Bo in a coma and Hope leaving to some far-off place to get him treatment. It doesn’t shut the story down forever, but it’s not the romantic reunion fans were dying for after years of separation. In fact, their only two reunions really happened in heaven, when they were both dead, and in Hope’s head after she passed out.

We got one touching “Fancy Face?” after a flashback montage showing us how good things could be, and then tragedy. It’s not what fans wanted and they’re all too ready to let the Powers That Be know. But it sounds like this bummer of a “Bope” ending wasn’t the writers’ fault.

Days of Our Lives writer Jamey Giddens spoke up on Twitter recently when a fan bluntly asked why the show’s writers hate Bo and Hope so much that we’d get tragedy after months of buildup and anticipation to their return.

“I think my adoration for all things Bo and Hope is a matter of public record,” he stated. “Furthermore, [headwriter Ron Carlivati] pitched a Happily Ever After where the couple reunited, returned to Salem, saw Doug, Julie and Victor, then went off to hunt Megan. For whatever reason, that story wasn’t approved.”

Sadly, we know seeing Victor likely wouldn’t have happened as John Aniston passed away just after this story was filmed and probably wouldn’t have been able to come in to film. But there’s no reason the rest of it couldn’t have happened.

To be sure, writers are often the first in the line of fire when it comes to hated stories, but they don’t have all the power. Heck, even headwriters have to pitch their stories and get everyone involved on board to make it happen. All it takes is one wrench thrown into the works to blow up a plan and network and executive interference can turn a story that was meant to be one thing into something completely different.

The good news is the happy ending “Bope” fans deserve is still possible… someday. But after all this build up led to so much disappointment, will Days of Our Lives be able to convince fans to give another attempt a chance?

What do you think? Did Days of Our Lives squander too much goodwill, or are you willing to give Bo and Hope another shot down the line to get it right?

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