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The DiMera mansion is certainly getting crowded on Days of Our Lives lately. There’s Johnny, EJ and Nicole, Tony and Anna, Stefan and Gabi… and a new baby? OK, the baby isn’t here just yet, but we’re all but certain it’s on its way. And you may be thinking that with Stefan and Gabi back together and celebrating horizontally, her pregnancy is next… but it probably isn’t. At least, not after those biscuits.

You see, Eric and Nicole slept together while high on those darn things. When he and Jada slept together, they used protection and she still got pregnant. It’s hard to imagine that the hallucinating “Ericole” thought to bother with it this time… which means it’s all but certain that Nicole’s pregnancy is next.

And looking ahead to next week’s spoilers, sure enough, Nicole’s having medical problems and Eric and EJ are fighting over her!

The thing is, by the time Nicole could find out she’s pregnant, she may already be in a world of trouble. EJ knows something’s up and despite Tony telling him to let it go, it’s clear he’s determined to find out what happened. And if he learns Nicole and Eric slept together before the pregnancy, he could be ready for some revenge — and ready for the inevitable paternity test that an uncertain Nicole will have to take.

Days' Eric pointing a banana at Nicole while drugged Greg Vaughan, Arianne Zuker

Eric’s banana could end up causing a boatload of trouble.

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If she’s still worried about telling EJ what happened, she’ll try to do it discreetly and hope that in the end she won’t have to tell her beau that there was ever a question. But EJ would be ready for that… and ready to make sure that no matter what, he’s the father, without Nicole ever knowing he was on to her.

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But would EJ really do that to a child? It’s tough to say these days. With the pain of losing Susan still fairly fresh, his relationship with Nicole developing in large part because of that vulnerability and his willingness to throw that “family first” stuff aside (whether he admits it or not) to try to ruin Stefan, EJ could be in the mood for some good old fashioned revenge no matter who gets hurt.

Heck, switching paternity results could even be the ultimate way to listen to his brother and take Tony’s advice to heart — ignore Nicole’s indiscretions and ensure that they stay together despite them. But even more than that, it would give him a way to get revenge on Eric and be a twisted reversal of when Nicole tried passing off his and Sami’s baby as her own.

The biggest kicker, though, would be if he could keep the ruse up long enough to raise a Brady as a DiMera. (Yeah, we know that’s kind of Johnny’s whole schtick, but he’s at least got both halves in him.) We all know Stefano never had a problem adopting kids and indoctrinating them into the DiMera ways. Heck, look how well it took with Kristen.

The truth would eventually have to come out, but that doesn’t mean it would have to come out anytime soon.

On the couch in front of the DiMera fireplace, Nicole and EJ raise coffee mugs to each other.

Whoah, there, let’s hope they’re not toasting with the strong stuff. That’s a no no with the baby!

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The longer it goes, the more damage the truth will do when it is revealed — damage that could push Eric even further into a dark place. And that could be just the ticket to bring the DiMera/Brady feud that’s died down to barely a simmer back up into a full-fledged boil. This time, though, Eric, and by extension the Bradys, could have one powerful force on their side, someone vicious, amoral and ready to do whatever it takes to take the DiMeras down: Sloan.

Eric may be something of a pariah at the moment in his family for being with her, but when push comes to shove, she’d be just the person to go after EJ, his family, his fortune and his company and try taking it all away. She already knows what happened and it just made her realize she wants Eric for real. This could give her another chance to prove herself to him.

The big question, though, would be whether that would be enough to pull the DiMera brothers back together to circle the wagons, or just create an even bigger brawl as Stefan and Gabi tried using it to their own advantage against EJ. In other words, this could get very, very messy.

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