Camila Banus as Gabi Hernandez on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

It’s rare in the soap world, let alone on Days of Our Lives, when someone gets everything they’ve ever wanted. But that’s exactly what’s happened to Gabi! Well, it’s mostly what happened to Gabi. For now. She didn’t get her DiMera shares, or her takeover DiMera takeover, but she and Stefan are finally back together, no strings attached! Though Li’s still out there and EJ’s still gunning for revenge. Anyway…

Stefan and Gabi passionately kiss at the hospital.

Ah, sweet, sweet victory. Love! We mean love!

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

In Salem, a romantic reunion is still a major win. For Camila Banus, though, a major win comes every day she memorizes page after page after page of dialogue. Soap operas shoot fast, and they don’t get a ton of takes to get things right. (And by that, we mean they usually just have a single take!) With the speed Days of Our Lives shoots and how far in advance they film, there can be dozens of pages to get through in a day.

Banus pulls it off time after time, though not without frustrations… The actress took to Instagram to share a hilarious “behind-the-scenes” video of what happens when all that careful memorization is thrown completely out of whack. Here’s a clue: It involves a Gabi-worthy meltdown.

“Here at Soaps we can’t seem to have enough of so many wordsssss,” she wrote with the post. “13 years, this September, of Days of Our Lives for this Cubanita! More fun inside looks coming!”

Check out her full dramatic reenactment below. It’s truly an Emmy-worthy performance, though we suspect it hits pretty darn close to reality!

But while fans marveled over how she managed to make it look so easy (while also wondering if this kind of wrench was thrown in often), Paul Telfer (Xander) jumped in with some encouragement.

“Luckily,” he replied, “you are one of the fastest line-learners I’ve ever met!”

We have no doubt about that! Gabi’s always got a scheme or two up her sleeve and that’s sure to keep Banus on her toes for a long time coming. Now then, about that DiMera takeover…

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