Bo and Hope are reunited Days
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In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of April 24 – 28, Bo and Hope finally come face to face. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Last week, Bo continued to order Kayla to get to work on the formula and the prisms, as he planned to sell the rejuvenation serum to the highest bidder and make his own fortune just like his father.

Later, Harris turned up at Victor’s home and came face to face with Bo, and they both knew who the other was. Harris realized Bo had taken Kayla, and he threatened to tell Hope about him. However, Bo taunted Harris that would be the end of his romance with his wife. Bo even said he’s moved on from Hope and is starting a new life of his own, and basically, Harris could have Hope.

When Harris returned to Hope, he lied and said Victor’s old home was deserted. However the guilt got to him, and he finally said he lied about Victor’s home being empty, and she needed to go there and see what he found for herself.

Hope arrived at the home and finally came face to face with Bo. This week, in tears, she asks, “Is it you?” She quickly pulls him into her arms.

Meanwhile, Ciara asks Shawn if it’s true that their dad is really alive. However, Bo is clearly a danger to everyone around him. Shawn asks Harris, “If you don’t know what my father is capable of, why did you send my mother out there alone?”

On a clifftop over the ocean, Bo holds a gun on Hope and struggles to pull the trigger as his voice is heard saying, “This is the end of the line.” As the promo fades to black, Bo cries, “Fancyface?” She replies, “Bo!” Has their love finally caused the real Bo to break through Megan’s brainwashing?

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