DAYS Maggie, Alex, Brady, Chloe hugging Xander, Kate mashup
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Lately, things have been feeling a little lopsided on Days of Our Lives — at least when it comes to the show’s two power families. The DiMeras have been expanding so much that we’ve even gotten “good” DiMeras (EJ, Johnny, Stefan, etc.) and “bad” ones (Kristen and Megan) running around. They’ve even got the third generation out there with Rachel gunning for the title of World’s Smallest Terror and Johnny being… Johnny.

The Kiriakis family, on the other hand, has been shrinking for some time. Sonny’s gone, Justin’s hardly ever around and Victor’s time, as just hit home yesterday, is sadly coming to a close soon. Right now, we’re just about left with Alex. Xander’s always been on the outs and that vague talk of joining Maggie at Titan doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Brady, meanwhile, has mostly been going his own way and hasn’t shown much interest in running Titan for some time.

Alex gapes at a grinning Xander. Maggie stands between them holding flowers. Maggie looks at Alex with a raised brow and parted lips.

Maggie got a little sad when she realized this is about the extent of the Kiriakis family these days.

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In short, the Kiriakis family has been getting a little anemic and there’s a whole lot of reasons to bring Philip back now. Because a lot’s changed in Salem since Jay Kenneth Johnson left Days of Our Lives. Chloe got together with Brady, split up with him and is now getting awfully friendly with Xander. Philip’s mom Kate has “died” twice (though the jury’s still out of this second one is any more real than the first). Lucas, meanwhile, has been locked away for Sami’s kidnapping, Maggie’s taken over Titan and cousin Alex has returned to town determined to make the family company his own.

Once we lose Victor, Maggie will likely have an uphill battle to retain control of Titan with Alex leading the charge against her. Philip could tip the balance one way or another — or tilt it in his favor as Victor’s only son! (Bo, we all know, isn’t sticking around long enough to make a claim.)

Then there’s Chloe, the woman Philip was so unhealthily obsessed with, he tried framing his romantic rival (and his own nephew), Brady, for murder! Philip’s return could complicate things a whole lot more for Brady and Chloe, even if he’s back in his right mind. Those three still share a twisted past that could burn a reunion between Chloe and Brady down before it even got started.

A welcome home or just another opportunity for more plotting?

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

And as for Xander, ticking Brady off by being with Chloe is one thing, but having Philip around to drive crazy too? He’s likely to pull out every move he’s got to heat thing up between him and Chloe at that point, whether he’s genuinely interested or not. And if Kate isn’t dead, Philip could be just the person to tear down heaven and earth to find her and bring her back. (Lord knows Roman’s too busy scattering her fake ashes around to even come back to Salem and find out that he’s mourning over a bogus urn.)

And none of this should come as much of a surprise. Back when Kate died (the first time), word finally started getting around that Philip was safe and sound and off getting treatment for his troubled mind. Lucas informed Rex of the truth, who then went out to see his brother — and started spreading Philip’s whereabouts around.

It can’t be a coincidence that his name has been dropped as much as it has, nor can it be a coincidence that so many pieces are in place to make his return truly explosive. We have a feeling that sooner, rather than later, Johnson will be bringing Philip back to help put the Kiriakis family front and center once more.

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