Days Stefan/Rachel/Kristen mashup
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI, Jill Johnson/JPI, Peacock screenshot

Rachel is, if we’re being honest, a tough kid to like on Days of Our Lives. Yeah, you don’t ever want to yell at a kid, but could folks really blame Chloe for losing her cool with her? Hats off to Finley Rose Slater for giving us everything we could want in a DiMera child. She’s devious, angry and determined to take down her “enemy” (read, Chloe).

Because Rachel isn’t just lashing out uncontrollably. She’s proving to be almost as calculating as Mommie Dearest. That smirk she gave Chloe after getting her nemesis to scream that she hates a child proved that she knew exactly what she was doing — and what buttons to push!

At a Brady Pub table, Brady scowls and Chloe glares at Rachel. In a chair, Rachel sits on her knees with folded arms.

That hasn’t exactly scored points in the likability department for Brady’s daughter, but she’s rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with. But Rachel’s at a crossroads right now. There’s still time to pull her back from the brink… or push her over the edge. So where is Rachel headed?

That may all depend on what Kristen does next. That, though, can’t be anything good now that she and Megan are together in Statesville. Right now, Kristen’s just feeling out her sister, trying to get the goods on her. If she can trade some Megan secrets to Brady, Stacy Haiduk shares in the most recent Soap Opera Digest, she could win a visit from Rachel.

Brady’s curious and Kristen’s hopeful, but there’s still just “a one percent chance he’ll bring Rachel down.”

Megan, though, wants Kristen to keep her mouth shut. On her own, maybe Kristen can convince Brady for a single visit with Rachel by throwing Megan under the bus. But if the sisters work together, maybe they can both figure out how to get out of prison.

In prison, a gaping Kristen crouches in front of Rachel.

“That’s what Kristen wants,” Haiduk says. And though she doesn’t trust Megan, it may be too good an offer to pass up. Because once she’s out, she doesn’t have to trade for just a single visit from Rachel, she can figure out how to get to her daughter on a more… permanent basis.

If Kristen does manage to get out of prison, Brady, of course, would likely do everything he could to keep her from poisoning their daughter further, but there’s virtually no chance of that happening. At most, Kristen might just have to be a bit more circumspect in her communications with her daughter — and if Brady proves too difficult, use Rachel to get Brady out of the way of a real reunion.

Brady’s played hardball with Kristen, leveraging their daughter against her several times. The whole “write a note” thing to undo the damage with Chloe didn’t work other than to tick Kristen off. What happens when she finally reaches her breaking point with him?

On the Horton Square bench, Rachel leans over the arm towards Brady. He crouches downs next to her sad face.

Kristen’s already poisoned Rachel against Chloe — how much more would it take to do the same with Brady? She’s halfway there already. She’s got no problem yelling at her hapless dad. It wouldn’t take a whole lot more for Kristen to convince Rachel that daddy’s just an obstacle too.

If Kristen and Megan team up and Rachel falls under her mom’s sway, we could go from angry child lashing out to full-on evil DiMera offspring. Once that happens, there’s no telling what she could do. Terrorize not just Chloe, but Brady, John, Marlena… maybe even try to hurt them? We’ve already seen how devious Rachel can be when she sets her mind to it. If Kristen makes contact and guides her farther down the path, no one could be safe.

And that would surely make the late Stefano proud if Rachel joins herself to mommy, becomes a true DiMera and turns on her dad — the son of Stefano’s hated (if occasionally useful) enemy John Black. Johnny has his spoiled moments, but as far as carrying on Stefano’s dark legacy, he’s not exactly the grandkid for the job. Rachel, though, could be everything Stefano ever dreamed of — and more. And if she’s starting this early, then all of Salem had better watch out!

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