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We’ve all been there… Whether completing a big project online or simply needing documentation to save an all-important receipt… then bam! Our trusty printer reports that yes, it’s out of ink and/or paper. Days of Our Lives’ Abigail Klein (Stephanie) recently shared her frustration during a hilarious video battle between her and her printer that she simply captioned, “Conversations with my printer.”

Seated in front of her device, and seeing the error warning on its screen, she asked with utter irritation, “When are you not low on ink?” Not only that, but she then noticed it was out of paper as well. “Yeah,” she snapped. “Thanks, bro.”

After taking a closer look, she noticed specifically which shortage of color was causing the lack of ink issue and seethed, “I never print anything in yellow, how is the yellow out?!” Trying to calm down, while rubbing her face and letting out a sigh, the actress finally had something to be pleased about and sarcastically cheered, “Oh, printing job is finished!” then snapped, “Are you proud of yourself? Whad’ya want, a medal?!?”

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While her followers got a kick out of the “conversation,” Klein’s castmate Dan Feuerriegel (EJ) must have noticed another printer error on its screen and asked, “PC Load Letter? What the [bleep] does that mean,” to which she replied, “We will never know!”

However, if you’re a need-to-know kind of person, we can tell you that “PC” refers to “paper cassette” and the warning points out that no letter-sized paper is available for a print job with a letter size.

Too much information?

In any case, we loved watching Klein be her adorable self and we’d be up to watching round two of her “conversations with my printer.”

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