Days Sloan caught between Chanel and Paulina Mashup
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI (3)

Move over Hannah Swensen, because at the end of today’s Days of Our Lives, Salem’s premier bakery, Sweet Bits, was thrown smack into what’s set to be the town’s biggest scandal in ages! A mysterious someone added an unorthodox ingredient to Chanel’s dough, dumping a vial of some sort of drug into the mix.

We didn’t get a glimpse into who it was, but thanks to this week’s spoilers, we have gotten a glimpse into what the affects are! Eric and Nicole are getting hot and heavy, Johnny and Chanel are ticking off Wendy and even Rafe is feeling the effects of the tainted biscuits! It’s hard to tell who else might be hit by the tasty treat, but it does seem like things in Salem are about to go off the rails for a bit — or at least more off the rails than usual.

In the Square, Chanel whacks Sloan over the head with a bouquet of flowers. Sloan's long blonde hair whips over her face.

We know who Chanel’s going to blame!

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Right now, the obvious suspect is Sloan… but is she too obvious? We all know that in any good mystery, the person it seems to be is never the one to do the dirty deed. That, of course, hasn’t stopped Paulina from barreling forward to accuse Sloan of everything that’s gone wrong. And when these drugged biscuits hit the fan, we’re pretty sure she’s going to be the first one calling for Sloan’s head. But if we’re being honest, it seems like Paulina and Chanel have racked up a fair number of enemies over the years.

Plus, there’s always the possibility that whoever drugged the dough has something in mind other than revenge on those two! This is Salem, after all, and what better way to hit folks in town hard than to taint the tasty treats at the town’s most popular bakery?

Sound off on who you think just heaped a world of trouble on Salem by adding a little extra ingredient to Chanel’s dough.

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