Days' Kayla crying looking at Steve after reuniting in the wine cellar
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Sometimes, when we least expect it, Days of Our Lives manages to surprise us. We may not have bought that Kayla was really dead way back when it first happened. The trip to heaven may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, nor the plot to test out a youth serum on Kayla, Marlena and poor Kate. But at the end of the day, she and Steve had been separated for months and he’d thought he’d lost her forever. When they were finally reunited in that wine cellar in Greece, their reunion was sweet, wonderful, emotional and romantic.

It was a payoff we didn’t actually realize would hit as hard as it did. It was everything we could have wished for after months apart — unlike what’s been happening with Bo and Hope! It’s probably safe to say there aren’t a whole lot of fans out there happy with Bo “Kiriakis” or Hope running around with the man who, in his own words, “terrorized” her family.

(Though Harris did it while brainwashed, and if anyone can understand that it’s Hope… and pretty much every other citizen of Salem.)

In the Greek wine cellar, Steve holds Kayla's face as he kisses her. She grips his black leather jacket.

Now this is a reunion!

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We’re about a month into Bo and Hope’s return and there’s no reunion. There’s no joy. There’s just frustration. But that doesn’t mean there’s no, pardon the pun, hope. Because mixed into Steve and Kayla’s heartfelt reunion was a moment that made it clear why the story has taken the detour it has. Steve told Kayla that confused, brainwashed just plain brain-addled or not, their love and, perhaps more importantly for fans, Hope’s love will bring Bo back.

It was like the show anticipated fan frustration and used Steve to say, “Don’t worry, it’ll be alright in the end. Love conquers all and this is all just to show you that Bo and Hope’s love will never die.”

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During an interview last year, Days of Our Lives‘ headwriter Ron Carlivati shared some of the never-changing truisms of soap storytelling. And it applies to pretty much every couple on the show, not just Bo and Hope or Steve and Kayla.

“The point of splitting a popular couple up isn’t to split them up,” he noted, “it’s to see them get back together. Soaps are all about payoffs. Maybe it’s finding out who the killer is. Maybe it’s the evil doer getting their comeuppance. But obviously one of the biggest payoffs in this particular genre is a couple overcoming the odds to find their way back into one another’s arms… at least until the next thing comes between them.”

days hope bo dies park HW

If they can beat death, they can beat anything. OK, fine, so death isn’t all that big an obstacle in Salem, but still.

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If it seems like the odds piled against Bo and Hope are unnecessarily high and drawn out, maybe it’s just upping the stakes for the reunion. There’s more of a detour for them reuniting than Steve and Kayla because they’ve been separated for years, not months. The payoff has to be greater, the proof of their love, deeper.

Hope pulling Bo back up from whatever abyss he’s fallen into and showing everyone that nothing can destroy their love is the point of the whole story — frustrating though it may be to viewers stuck in the middle of it who just want one of Days of Our Lives‘ greatest supercouples ever to be together and happy.

That frustration is something Carlivati acknowledged, admitting, “Pretty much every soap fan wants the same thing, which is for their favorite couple to be together. But if you think about it, ‘happily ever after’ is what comes at the end of the story. That’s not to say that you can’t have happy couples, or that you can’t tell stories with happy couples.”

In their wood paneled motel room, a shirtless and intense Xander holds Sarah's hand.

Chalk these two up to a couple who runs into “some kind of problem.” Actually, make that every kind of problem.

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Is the end result going to be enough to overcome fan frustration? That’s up for the viewers to decide. But one thing is clear: This isn’t going to be the last time this happens or the last couple this happens to.

Because as Carlivati put it, “On soaps, it’s almost inevitable that sooner or later, every couple is going to run into some kind of problem.”

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