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Credit: JC Olivera/Getty Images

That does not look good!

It hasn’t been all that long since Days of Our Lives fans bid a bittersweet farewell to Sonny as he left for New Zealand to lead a happy life with Will and Allie. It was a calm, lovely, fairly drama-free goodbye — in other words, a true rarity in the soap opera world!

Zach Tinker didn’t get much of a drama break, though, as he’s since been busy over on Fire Country playing charming, talented probie (that’s a probationary firefighter for those not in the know) Collin O’Reilly. Of course, Collin just happens to be a secret arsonist with a fake identity, but hey, no one’s perfect!

In any case, as dangerous as fighting fires might be, Tinker got fans a bit concerned about how dangerous is actual life is after sharing a particularly bloody tweet recently.

“Why does this always tend to happen to me?” he asked with the photo you can see below. And that was a question that the fans had too — although the why seemed to come in secondary to the what! Because quite a few worried fans wanted to know what happened and how concerned they should be over Tinker’s welfare!

Fortunately, he’s OK. As for what happened…

Though Tinker didn’t explain what happened, it was clear over on his Instagram stories that the bloody look is for something he’s shooting. As for him wondering why this type of thing always happens to him, those of us who watched Big Sky remember how bad he looked in that after his character plummeted off a cliff at the beginning of the third season! (And it just kept getting worse after his body had a little time to, let’s say, ripen.)

Compared to that, a little blood on the face is nothing!

Of course, if Tinker is alright, our next thought was wondering if something bloody could happen to “Collin” over on Fire Country! We all know that villains tend to have a finite shelf life — especially when it comes to arsonists and firefighters. Granted, he’s been arrested, but bad guys have a tendency to pop up again and we’ve all seen Backdraft, right?

For now, though, we’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully we’ll get to find out what project this bloody look is for sooner, rather than later!

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