Bo stabs Steve Days
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What’s come over Eric and Nicole?.

In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of April 10 – 14, Bo threatens to finish what he started with Steve long ago. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

At Victor’s childhood home in Greece, Kayla finds a letter Victor wrote to her mother Caroline years ago. She tears up as she reads it, in which Victor said he knew he was asking the impossible of her mother.

Meanwhile, Hope, along with Harris, search for Kayla in Greece. They know she was kidnapped, but have no idea it was a very much alive Bo who took her! And when they question a tavern owner, things get heated.

Last week Steve, using his ISA credentials, went looking for the prisms that were confiscated from Rolf’s room. He was told Director Donovan was already there to collect them, and stunned when he saw that “Shane” was actually Bo!

Steve tries to get through to Bo, saying he’ll always be his closest friend. Bo turns on Steve, and they fight, and he pulls out a knife. Bo taunts Steve, “I took one eye, how about I take the other!”

Back in Salem, a case of tainted biscuits, yes you read that right, has everyone hot and bothered. Nicole and Eric get busy with each other, only to be caught in bed by Sloan!

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