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Is this what they mean by pecking order?

It’s been an interesting couple of years for Days of Our Lives‘ Bill Hayes. From playing Doug possessed by Satan to playing the devil himself, Hayes has been knocking it out of the park in the most unexpected of ways. And now we get to see him in an even more unexpected role as… the chicken whisperer? The man really can do it all!

It all started, it seems, when Judi Evans (Bonnie) took Pie the chicken out for a little trip. It wasn’t Pie’s first trip, of course, as Evans happily plays bird mom by taking her feathered “kid” out on excursions… like a little window shopping!

This time, though, Pie went along with mom to visit a couple of Salemites — Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie). The pair took turns petting adorable little Pie on their Instagram, and then, in the final slide, we were treated to a video of man and chicken bonding in the most adorable, hilarious way.

“Chicken’s day out of the coop,” Evans declared on her Instagram. “Why not visit some soap opera stars! This is Hollywood, after all…” That it is! And if you’ve got a chicken in Hollywood, we guess it just makes sense that she should visit the stars. “Listen closely for Bill’s fowl language.”

Oh dear. Evans can’t keep a straight face as Doug’s portrayer holds a conversation with Pie, his chicken calls answered by her clucks.

“She’s talking,” Evans tells Hayes between laughs. He, in turn, looks mightily pleased with himself, though we’re dying to know what was said that got Pie chattering away to him!

While the fans loved it, Christie had probably the best response in the comments: “Was Bill possessed again? That was fun! Thank you!”

Oh no, we never thought of that! Is the Chicken Devil the next to come for Doug? Days of Our Lives couldn’t… wouldn’t go there!

Oh, who are we kidding? We got contracts in Hell, youth serums, brainwashing and now, drugged biscuits. (And no, that’s not a euphemism.) Days of Our Lives would totally go there. Devil chickens, here we come!

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