DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Day of Days Pictured in this screengrab: Emily OBrien Gwen
Credit: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

This is how you cut loose!

Sometimes, you just need to let loose. That’s something that Gwen certainly seems to be embracing on Days of Our Lives after getting tired of bending over backwards to prove herself to a man who’d never see her as anything but his second choice after things fall through with the “good” one, Sarah. Cut free from Xander, she’s enjoying some fun with Alex.

Offscreen, meanwhile, Emily O’Brien is doing some cutting loose of her own, celebrating friend Cat Day’s birthday with a nice, quiet brunch. Eh… maybe that’s not quite right. O’Brien shared some video from the brunch and it was anything but quiet! The group of gal pals celebrated with a drag brunch and it’s hard to tell who kept it more lively, the birthday celebrators or the queens!

Gwen, of course, has dealt with her share of drag queens before. One of them even crashed her double wedding! Well, technically, Jackie Cox crashed Leo’s part of the double wedding with the revelation that the two were secretly married — but it was the start of the double marriage meltdown that Gwen and Xander never truly recovered from!

This brunch, on the other hand, looks like a lot more fun!

“Can’t think of a better way to spend Sunday brunch,” O’Brien shared with a video of her getting down with a queen to some of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”! Check out the clips below!

And really, a little respect is just about all Gwen wants from Xander. He’s led her on long enough and if she’s never going to be good enough for him, then it’s time to get out! Of course, if we were betting folks, we’d say Xander and Gwen will get back together just in time for Sarah to come back to town with the news that she’s carrying her and Xander’s baby.

But for now, it’s bedroom shenanigans with Alex all the way!

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