Camila Banus and Kyle Richards mashup
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One way or another, we’re getting a holiday treat!

Five months and counting! That’s the length of time, give or take, that Days of Our Lives‘ Gabi and Li have left in their marriage contract. If she can hold out that long for a divorce, she gets all of Li’s DiMera shares. But it’s not that easy — at least not when passion is involved.

Right now, Gabi and Stefan are plotting what to do with the shares once Gabi gets them… all while trying to keep from tearing each other’s clothes off every chance they get. Because if Gabi’s not faithful to Li, she loses everything. Well, perhaps it’s more accurate to say if Li finds out she’s not faithful, she loses everything.

If Gabi and Stefan can pull this off, they’ll finally be back together by the fall and maybe they’ll get to spend their first holiday together as a couple in years. But if Gabi manages to make it through those five months without flushing her marriage down the toilet, Li may, against all odds, manage to convince her that they belong together.

At the mansion, Gabi wears a red spaghetti strap dress, as she smolders with Stefan, in an open collar suit. Her hands rest on his chest and their foreheads touch.

Will they be reunited or broken up by Christmas? There are still months yet to figure that out!

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No matter what happens, by the time Christmas rolls around again, Gabi’s love life could be in a very different place! But even if she ends up with neither man, it sounds like we’ll be getting to see Camila Banus celebrating some Christmas romance regardless!

Our sister site Variety reports that Banus is set to be in a new LGBTQ+ holiday romance called The Christmas Exchange along with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards and starring Taylor Frey, Rick Cosnett, Samer Salem and Daniel Garcia.

The movie, per Variety, revolves around Frey and Cosnett’s characters swapping houses for the holidays, at which point both men meet handsome local suitors and romantic shenanigans abound. Richards is set to play the mother of Frey’s character, Wilde, though no word yet on who Banus will be playing in the ensemble cast.

Banus, though, was excited enough to share the news on her own Instagram story after Variety broke it, writing, “Can’t wait for you all to see what we put together!”

Though there’s also no word yet on where the film will be airing, Frey’s last LGBTQ+ Christmas romance with director Jake Helgren, A Christmas to Treasure, aired on Lifetime. Hopefully we’ll be getting more details soon, but right now, it looks like we’ll be getting an extra dose of Banus outside of Days of Our Lives this coming holiday season!

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