Bo pretends to be Shane Days
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Several couples in Salem make time for romance, while there is danger in Greece.

In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of April 3 – 7, Hope, Harris and Bo are on a collision course in Greece. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Not only are Wendy and Tripp living together, but things are definitely moving past them just being roommates. Coming up Wendy admits to Tripp that something is happening between the two of them, and they share a kiss. Elsewhere, Reunited with Marlena, John is all about romancing and pampering his Doc. And Gabi says, “Do you have any idea how long I’ve dreamt of this moment?” She and Stefan share a secret rendezvous down in the DiMera wine cellar.

Steve and John were able to locate Megan, and Steve learned that Kayla was alive, but she was nowhere to be found. That’s because Bo, upon being reunited with Kayla, took her to Greece, but not before informing his sister he had shot Kate and was over Hope. Kayla was sure Megan had brainwashed him.

Bo took Kayla to the childhood home of Victor, where he began to build his empire, and where Bo plans to do the same for himself and forge a new life. And his plan hinges on Rolf’s notes about the anti-aging serum and the orchid, and he wanted Kayla to help him figure the serum out. Coming up, Bo presents himself to a Greek police officer pretending to be… Shane Donovan, the director of the ISA! Just what is he getting at now?

And the action continues to heat up in Greece, where Hope and Harris are on an undercover mission.  He notes they’re blending in by pretending to be a couple caught up in the romance of Greece, though it’s not all pretend, and they move in for a kiss.

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