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There’s a hole in the fabric of Salem that may soon be filled!

Things haven’t been quite the same since John Aniston passed away. Technically, Victor is still alive on Days of Our Lives until the show’s filming schedule catches up to real life, but if anything, it’s just bittersweet knowing we’ll have to say goodbye to him soon enough. There’s never really been anyone as ruthless and iron fisted as him to take his place.

Until now?

Because now Bo’s on the run with Kayla in Greece, talking about his slate being wiped clean, going on about some sort of “destined” path and starting over from the same place his father did. And once Kayla realizes that Bo didn’t just rescue her but wants his sis to finish Megan’s youth serum to, as she puts it, “build an empire on a flower,” everything clicks into place. It’s about money and power.

That doesn’t seem very Bo-like — but it is very much Victor-like!

Days' Bo arguing with Kayla Mary Beth Evans, Peter Reckell

Peter Reckell breaks down Bo’s changes in the most recent issue of Soap Opera Digest. He knows Megan had been drugging him and messing with his mind, but now that he’s away, he’s hoping to become his own man again. The problem is, the man he’s interested in isn’t the one he was before.

He took Kayla to Greece with him as he’s “pushing away the Brady side of him and trying to figure out the Kiriakis side of himself, the Kiriakis genes. It’s all about discovery. Greece is where Bo’s father grew up and maybe he can be like his father.”

Well that tears it. Kayla, of course, isn’t on-board with this plan. She’s a Brady. And up until his resurrection, Bo was too, Kiriakis genes or not.

But he’s going to keep pushing her to help “make a name for himself and become like his father — rich and powerful. That’s how Bo’s going to get there, and Kayla is going to help him accomplish that. She’s like Bo’s Rolf.”

Well, if that’s the case it sounds like Bo’s trying to take over for both Victor and Stefan! The question, though, is just how far will he go? Is Bo just being a bit unscrupulous in trying to create a legitimate empire, or is he now capable of going full Victor, crime kingpin and all? He certainly seems like it. Bo couldn’t care less about shooting and, allegedly, killing Kate and he’s pretty much threatening his own sister to help him or else. He’s made it clear that she’s not escaping.

Days' Victor and Bo talking John Aniston, Peter Reckell

Still, there’s some Brady in there, as Reckell insists to Digest. “Bo is a bit violent, but Kayla knows he’s not going to hurt her.”

But just because he still cares about family doesn’t mean he cares about a whole lot else. Even if this serum plan falls apart (and let’s be honest, how can it not?) that doesn’t mean Bo’s going back to his Brady roots. Because sooner or later, we’re going to lose Victor, and if Bo doesn’t snap back to his old self, he may be just the man to take his father’s place, ruthless corporate raider, crime lord and all.

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