Bo and Kayla go to Greece Days
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Ciara snaps at her mother after she catches her in a compromising position.

In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of March 20 – 24, more family reunions occur, but not all are happy ones. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

With information from Harris, John and Steve took off to find Megan. Hope decided to stay behind with Harris, who had a reaction to his treatment.

In Megan’s compound, Kayla was told by Rolf that Kate was dead after she destroyed his test serum, and Kayla would be his next test subject. Bo meanwhile was determined to leave Megan and her compound to find out who he was. She tried to drug him, but Bo managed to inject Megan with her own sedative.

Coming up, after running into Bo, Kayla is overjoyed that her baby brother is alive and well. Er, maybe not so well as Megan has been toying with his mind.

John is reunited with Marlena in Megan’s lab and wakes his Doc up from her cylindrical sleeping chamber. It’s almost like a fairytale, but we haven’t come to the end just yet.

Ciara and Ben arrived in Maryland, where the couple learned they were expecting another child. Ciara called Shawn and learned where their mother was. Next week, Ciara catches her mother kissing Harris Michaels,  and she warns Hope that dad would be rolling over in his grave if he could see her. Of course, that grave is empty as we now know.

Back in Megan’s lab, Steve confronts the DiMera and wants to know where Kayla is. Just where is Kayla? Well, Bo takes off with his sister and they go all the way to Greece and the childhood home of his father, Victor Kiriakis. Bo appears to be getting back to his roots.

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