Peter Reckell, John Aniston standing together jpi days
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

“John was quite a force, miss him so much.”

Good things come to those who wait. After months of buildup, we’re finally getting a Brady family reunion on Days of Our Lives as Kayla and Bo have come face to face! And with Ciara, Ben and little Bo visiting, we can’t wait to see the extended family reunion not to mention with everyone still back in Salem.

But Bo will, sadly, not get to reunite with his parents as Caroline died in 2019 (after portrayer Peggy McCay passed away earlier) and Victor made his final appearance just after Christmas after we lost John Aniston in the fall. But while we won’t ever be able to see Bo and Victor reunite again in modern times, Days of Our Lives did treat us to a slew of flashbacks between the two as Bo the real Bo  started clawing his way out of Megan’s control.

What we got to see on-screen, though, was just a small snippet of their sometimes volatile and always complicated relationship as father and son. Luckily, Peter Reckell fan Angie put together a half hour string of clips for Bo and Victor fans to get a real taste of their dynamic!

The clips follow the earliest days of their relationship from Bo trying to come to terms with the fact that a crime lord like Victor was his father (he was not happy) to acceptance, respect and even, dare we say, love?

“Thanks, Angie, so much, for putting this together,” Reckell wrote when he retweeted, marveling that, “it must have taken forever. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say I appreciate all that you do.”

Check out the full montage below. It’s a great jumping on point for those who weren’t around in the early days to help understand the relationship between Bo and Victor. And for those who were, it’s an amazing walk down Memory Lane!

Days of Our Lives really will never be the same without Aniston, but at least for now Victor is still alive and well in Salem. All too soon we’ll have to say goodbye to him forever, but at least we’ll always have these memories.

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