Paul Telfer xander shirtless jpi days
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Well, we didn’t see that one coming!

We’re going to come right out and say it: Days of Our Lives‘ Xander is darn lucky that he’s in the shape that he is! Otherwise, that throwdown with Alex this past week might gone very differently before Gwen broke them up. Fortunately, Xander can hold his own, and Alex was the one walking away with a black eye.

Of course, Alex didn’t seem to feel quite so fortunate, but we have a feeling he’ll have his chance to hit back (whether metaphorically or literally) before this battle over Gwen is over.

Still, with Sarah gone and Gwen moving on with Alex, Xander is, for now, left out in the cold on his own. Somehow, we don’t see that lasting very long! Did anyone else start pondering the possibilities as he comforted Chloe? Outside of that, though, Xander has a few other tricks up his sleeve for getting noticed — like his penchant for walking around without many clothes!

That’s something that Paul Telfer himself couldn’t help but chuckle at as he shared a very revealing montage on his Instagram.

“Probably gonna need a towel today,” he noted as he set up the clip, ” yet another rainy LA day! All credit to @xandercaps for such a fun edit of what I assume is only a fraction of the actual number of times I’ve answered a door half-nekkid on Days of Our Lives.”

If that doesn’t get a very single Xander noticed, nothing will! And maybe it’s time for him to move on past Sarah and Gwen and find someone new to love. Because clearly, he’s bad for both of them!

As for Telfer, he’s happily married and, we’re guessing, tends to put on more clothes when he answers his own door. When asked in the comments if he worked out (which is something he got into detail about here), Telfer replied with a tongue-in-cheek, “I credit all my incredible success to only ever ordering the ‘bodybuilder breakfast’ at whatever diner I find myself at.”

Well, hey, if that’s all it takes, count us in! It sounds like a delicious way to get in shape. But, ahem, we’re still going to keep our shirts on when we answer the door.

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