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Wow, so we got that all wrong!

There’s no one quite like a DiMera — at least when it comes to villainy. The worst of the worst tend to crop up in the Days of Our Lives family, dreaming up schemes of power, wealth and world domination. And even the “good” ones who aren’t trying to brainwash the law-abiding citizens of Salem into being mindless assassins can be manipulative, vindictive and just plain petty. (See EJ and Stefan.)

But few come close to the breathtakingly unabashed villainy of Stefano as his returned-from-the-dead daughter, Megan Hathaway. She’s pulled off resurrections, kidnappings, brainwashings and magical serums — all with Dr. Rolf firmly under her grasp obeying her every whim. And she has got a lot of whims.

But when she unveiled her master plan on Monday, March 20, even we were a bit taken aback at how utterly bonkers it seemed. She had stolen the magical healing orchid and kidnapped Kayla, Kate and Marlena to develop and test a serum that would be the literal fountain of youth?!

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Apparently! She’d gone to all this trouble and poured countless resources into turning herself and Bo into high school sweethearts again so that he’d fall back in love with her. We’d get teeny-bopper Bo and Megan skipping around Salem like two teenagers in love. Because that’s what they’d be. At least, that’s what we thought.

As Miranda Wilson put it when asked about this insane business, “We all know that Megan has a tentative grasp on the reality that others live with. She’s just using all her money and connection to try and do what many dream of. Go back to the glory days. Worth a try.”

Fair enough! Who doesn’t want to turn back time and be young again! Except… that’s not quite what was happening. Nor is it quite what Megan meant.

You see, for all the orchid’s “magical healing properties,” the actress explained in another tweet, it can’t actually make someone young again. But Megan didn’t need to go back to the day of braces and acne. She just needed that “spark” that had died out in Bo — after, you know, she brainwashed him into submission.

She needed him to feel fresh and new and excited — open to love once again. It’s more of an emotional refresh, if you will, after giving Bo a mental one.

“Sorry it didn’t come across,” Wilson explained on Twitter, “but the idea: they would be ‘young and in love’ like in high school. Not physically back in high school. Nor would they revert to that age. But be youthful, young at heart, her assuming then he’d love her again.”

OK, that’s a bit less crazy than we thought. But just a bit. At least we wouldn’t be getting a Bo and Megan in high school spinoff. We guess, as good as Rolf was at brainwashing Stefan back into love with Chloe, he just needed a little extra oomph to help create feelings where, as he himself put it, “there were none.”

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Whatever Bo may have felt for Megan 40 years ago was well and truly as dead as he was up until this past July!

But hey, good for Megan. We suppose you can’t blame a gal for trying! Well, you can. And we have a feeling everyone will. Good luck, Megan, because we have a sneaking suspicion that ordering Bo to kill Kate may have been a step too far!

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