Mary Beth Evans as Kayla Brady on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

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Poor Kayla. Her Days of Our Lives family is back home in Salem, with all of them thinking she’s dead. Steve’s out for Megan’s blood, Stephanie tossed her relationship with Alex out after she cost him what she thinks were her last moments with her mom and Joey… well we’re not too sure what Joey’s doing. Playing matchmaker with Tripp and Wendy. Joey’s got his own life out on the West Coast, so we suppose he’s fine.

Then again, if Megan´s serum actually works on her guinea pigs, Kayla could be about to get a shot of the fountain of youth —  so it may not all be misery and heartache! Though her running into Bo might have put an end to all the experimentation stuff. We guess it’s for the best?

Fortunately, Mary Beth Evans has already found a fountain of youth far more attainable and, most would probably say, desirable than anything Dr. Rolf could cook up in his laboratory.

The actress took to Instagram to share a very important update because “It was haircut Friday!” But it wasn’t Evans who was getting a haircut, but her adorable grandchildren! It looked like both Henry and Luca got some stylish ‘dos with little Alice lending a hand. Fortunately, she had the right eyewear on to get a good look at that sharp cut!

Perhaps the biggest thing the fans noticed, though, wasn’t the boys and their hair, but just how much Evans’ granddaughter looks like the actress!

“Those eyebobs,” Kelley Garner exclaimed in delight. “Your little mini!”

And the resemblance is, indeed, stunning. In fact… maybe a little too stunning. Wait a minute! Did Dr. Rolf’s serum work a little better than he expected?! Talk about the fountain of youth! No, no, that’s just possible in the magical land of Salem (or wherever that secret DiMera lab is). Days of Our Lives isn’t real life… At least, we’re pretty sure it isn’t!

In any case, at least Evans gave us a burst of adorable love to enjoy. That’s something we all could use a little more of!

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