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Wait, is this good or bad? Why not both?

At this point, you can forgive Days of Our Lives’ ‘Stabi’ fans for being more than a little fed up. After Stefan’s death four years ago put an end to his and Gabi’s marriage, he was finally brought back to life in the fall only to have been brainwashed into hating her. He moved on with Chloe, Gabi nearly married Li and then truth came out and they were finally…. not reunited.

A couple deprograming attempts, a six-month marriage contract and a scheme to take over DiMera later and the two still aren’t back together. At this point, it seems like nothing will do it. Nothing except EJ.

Wait, what? But EJ hates Gabi with a fiery passion! Maybe, but he’s never shied away from using anything or anyone to get what he wants. And right now, what he wants is to take Stefan down.

A furrowed Stefan eyes Nicole, who holds a glass of water while talking to EJ.

So EJ and Nicole, Dan Feuerriegel tells Soap Opera Digest in their latest issue, decide to play matchmaker with Stefan and Gabi. They set “Stabi” up in the Salem Inn under a fake name, somehow convince Stefan to go along with it and plan on giving him everything he wants.

OK, maybe not everything.

“It’s all about screwing over Gabi so the clause is broken,” Feuerriegel explains to Digest, “and Li won’t have to give her his shares.”

Stefan is the one who encouraged Gabi to stick out her marriage to Li to get his shares. If he loses those, he won’t be happy. At least, not at first. Because if the two of them join their shares together after six months, Feuerriegel says, “they’ll have the majority. If she doesn’t, they can vote Stefan out. EJ can be CEO and Li can be his right-hand man. They’ll get rid of Gabi and Stefan.”

It’s all really simple.

But the thing is, if EJ and Nicole are successful and Gabi loses her shot at the shares, she also loses any incentive to stay married to Li. She could divorce him in a heartbeat and reunite with Stefan for real. And while she wouldn’t be able to join her stocks to his, Stefan would still hold his stake in DiMera. Their shares alone would never have been able to take over DiMera. They’d still need to cobble together an alliance.

In the park, Stefan scowls as a solemn Gabi links arms with Li, as if she's walking away with him. Li smirks.

Six months is a long time, and Li is nothing if not persistent. If EJ were patient, he could wait to see what happens before pushing Gabi back into Stefan’s arms. If she ends up rededicating herself to Li, Stefan would lose the shares, the woman he loves and a scheming partner. He’d be alone on an island.

But if EJ and Nicole are successful, all it would do is unite a formidable power couple for real and allow them to plot with their backs against the wall and stronger than ever together — a place they both thrive in. Cobbling together a DiMera alliance would still be tricky, but when those two are together, they can never be counted out.

Is this really what EJ wants?

There’s not much EJ won’t do to get what he wants, as you can see when you check out our photo gallery of his life!