Cin return to Days
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Buried memories lead to clues that bring families back together.

In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of March 20 – 24, Ciara and Ben are back in Salem, as a long-awaited reunion begins. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Kayla and Marlena re-awakened in Megan’s lab, only to find Kate missing. Kate was with Megan, who taunted her with the fact that she had the orchid, which she used to cure the women, but also needed it for herself and someone close to her.

Meanwhile, Kayla and Marlena discovered Bo’s empty pod and feared it may have contained Stefano. As they worked to escape, they encountered none other than Dr. Rolf. Kate meanwhile, escaped from Megan, who wanted to test a new serum on her, only to run into Bo. However it wasn’t the Bo they knew and loved, but one working with Megan.

Elsewhere, Steve and John descended upon what they thought was Megan’s lab, only to run into Hope. They realized they were on the same mission, to find Megan.

Coming up, Hope connects with Harris Michaels, who is also in the lab she, Steve and John descended upon. Harris too wants to find Megan and bring her to justice.

Harris is shown being given electroshock therapy by a doctor as Hope watches and cringes. It’s to help Harris remember memories locked within. He remembers being with Megan and Dr. Rolf in the other lab and recalls a tube-like container with someone inside. Hope asks who was in the tube.

In Megan’s lab, Bo appears to struggle with who he is, recalling old memories of Victor telling him how proud he was of him. Meanwhile, John and Steve are on a jet, headed toward a possible location of Megan.

Back in Salem, Ciara and Ben return with baby Bo, and Ciara is just happy to be back home. However, a call alarms her as she asks, “My mom is where?”

By the end of the promo, Bo and Kayla run into one another, and Kayla gasps, ‘Oh my god! My brother’s alive!”

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Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube