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This is only the beginning!

Believe it or not, Bo and Hope’s Days of Our Lives reunion was never guaranteed. Yup, that’s right — despite the big reveal on Beyond Salem: Chapter 2, the cliffhanger was a gamble. Maybe it would have been left to our own imaginations as we pictured “Bope” finally finding their way to each other off-screen.

Maybe it wouldn’t have been picked up until the writers got the go ahead years later. If anything, headwriter Ron Carlivati told Soap Opera Digest in their most recent issue, it had originally been conceived of as Beyond Salem: Chapter 3… if there was one. That’s something they were never promised.

They knew the whole “Bo is alive” thing that ended Chapter 2 was an edge of your seat story, but at most they were “kind of crossing our fingers that we would be able to pick up that story.”

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It was the cliffhanger none of us expected!

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Peacock was taking a bit to make up their minds about what they wanted to do. And then fate seemed to intervene. Days of Our Lives made the jump to Beyond Salem’s streaming home and everything started to shift — in the best way, some might say!

With the Peacock move, the return was then reworked into the main series and Beyond Salem was no longer necessary… provided everyone needed was onboard. Carlivati first pitched the idea to Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell and “heard their thoughts about everything.”

They got Megan in place, brought Ben and Ciara back in and even made sure Harris Michaels was back as well. The return, in other words, was getting bigger and bigger.

While these folks were together in Beyond Salem: Chapter 2, it would be the first time they’d all be coming home to Days of Our Lives itself. That in and of itself makes this event huge. Two of these characters hadn’t been on the show since the ‘80s, and the two supercouples had never been together all at the same time. Bo had only very briefly met a grown Ciara before dying and hadn’t been around for her and Ben’s love story. (Unless you count his watching from heaven.)

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It’s a high-stakes return, but at its core, it’s bringing a family shattered by tragedy back together once more.

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“This is old-school Days of Our Lives,” Carlivati promised, “and it’s something that the audience has waited a very, very long time to see.”

Grand reunions, Machiavellian plots, family coming together — if that doesn’t sound like classic soap, we don’t know what does.

Hope’s one thought, according to the Days of Our Lives scribe is, “‘I have to bring Megan Hathaway to justice. I have to find her and make her pay.’” That, naturally, is going to put her straight in Steve and John’s path as they try tracking Megan down to make her pay for their wives’ supposed deaths. But what Hope doesn’t know, is that if she had stopped Megan that first time around, Bo might not be alive today.

The long and the short of it is “that Hope is on a collision course with Bo and she’s unaware of it, but the audience knows.” And John and Steve, of course, don’t know that Kayla and Marlena are still alive — but we do.

There’s still a whole lot that the audience doesn’t know though, like what state Bo is in — physically or mentally — or what the trio of kidnapping victims and that orchid has to do with it all. Plus, is all of this really just born out of Megan’s obsession with Bo, or is there a greater plot afoot? Harris, Steve Burton confirms, was brainwashed, so how much has Megan been mucking around in folks’ minds? Has she been pulling this all off alone? Who else might she have roped in? We need answers!

“I know the audience is going to be excited to see the story play out,” Carlivati promised. “I know where it’s going and what a fun ride it is, so I’m really looking forward to it.”

In other words, strap in, because this ride is just getting started!

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