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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Does this mean love is in the air? 

Gabi has not had an easy year on Days of Our Lives — which is especially rough seeing as how we’re only three months in! But then, starting the year finding out that her husband of approximately five seconds had her ex-husband brainwashed into hating her (after trying to kill him, despite keeping him alive for years) probably told her all she needed to know about how 2023 was going to go.

Then there’s been the push and pull between her and Stefan, Li’s desperate attempts to woo/trap Gabi — yeah, life has been tough, especially her love life. But is that about to change?

Camila Banus shared a hilariously real reel to Instagram about how Gabi’s surprise good fortune means a headache for her portrayer!

“Soap Opera Chronicles #1,” she dubbed the video. “When they add love scenes to your day… You gotta shave your legs in the sink!

The look on Banus’ face alone is priceless. Check out the clip below.

When one gentleman asked why she didn’t just let her hair grow out, Banus took to her Instagram stories to share her response, writing, “Sir! Have you seen how hairy a Latina can get?”

But yeah, for the most part, women from all over were empathizing with the annoyance.

Still, more than anything else, folks zeroed right in on the “love scenes” part of the post — and there were high hopes for what it meant! Were Gabi and Stefan finally making their way back to the bedroom? Or had Li finally won her over? If Banus was referring to a specific scene, Days of Our Lives shoots so far in advance, her six month “marriage” to Li would be just about over for what’s currently being filmed. So it could go either way.

Though we do know that she and Stefan will be working together to battle it out with EJ and Nicole. And nothing brings a couple together like a double date fight.

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